Monday, May 31, 2010


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You'll awaken knowing that whatever it is you want most out of the day can really happen. As for your second and third wishes, they will have to wait. Focus on the most important thing.

I was awoken at 3:33am by Will joining us at full speed and full noise. I stayed awake long enough to gain the realisation at 4:18am that I have always been weird (and that I should completely avoid the years that end in 9 because they have always been shite in one way or another). Seriously even as a five year old I was weird and probably before that as well- I just can't remember much of it.

As for what I want to happen today... ummm... I need to get milk. I guess that the frappuncino and driving Kieran to school will have to wait, bugger.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

W is for Winner

From today's Herald on Sunday....

I'm so proud. Again.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weed Eater!

What better for a lawn mower loving boy than a weed eater....

He loves it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

A couple of weeks back we went to Carolann's to pick up some essential supplies (photosplits). Will loves the playroom over there it's like a big treasure den especially Taryn's Drum Kit!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Refusal May Offend

So I joined Facebook.

I swore I wouldn't and I really didn't want to- I've resisted it for a very long time.

Thing is I just did it to keep in touch with my brother and sisters and a couple of teenage friends who never have credit on their phones.

So if you ask to be my friend most likely you will be politely declined. If you are a grown-up call me, write me, text me... not Facebook.

I accidentally friended my Mum and I didn't mean to. Can you unfriend someone? (Sorry Sylvia)

Favourite Photos From WITL Day 1 & 2

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WITL Friday and Saturday


School (Kieran had Tech and a House Captains meeting among other things)
Shopping (Supermarket)
Playing and lunch
Les stopped by with Fire stuff
Lit the Fire
Got completely smoked out because Will had put a toy wrench in the fireplace.
School pick up
Will fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Les came home
Tackle practice with Kieran.

Weather: COLD and wet, wet, wet!

Cool: Kieran's Photos from tech.

Not Cool: The rain when we were putting the groceries in the car. One of the house captains getting the sack. The smoke and the smell from the melted toy.

On my mind: Money.

Photos: 143


0645 After laying awake too long I finally got up and showered, dressed, breakfasted and got ready to go to Rugby.
0745 Left for Rugby stopping to get Starbucks and Kaycee on the way.
0833 Arrived at Helensville and unloaded stuff and then sat in the car and read till the game was due to kick off. Back at home Les hung the washing and they got ready to go to netball.
0930 Kieran played and I watched- they won. 41 - 24!
1030 We did the after stuff for Rugby and then headed for home via the supermarket and Kaycee's.
1110 Merenia's game started . Kieran and I got back home and we received a Skype call from Les' brother David. Kieran had a shower and I messed around unloading the car and putting the team jerseys in the wash. Kieran put the pies in the oven. L, M and W got home- after a win for the firebirds. We spent some time outside as Will had been couped up in the push chair at the game.
1230 I started to to sort out the last of the furniture moving after the change around to accommodate the cupboard.
1300 I started the roast for dinner and the kids had their pies. Les got Will some lunch and I continued in the spare room.
playing outside
Les gardening
Joz dropped by
We went to Starbucks
W and L shower
Kieran goes to Jakes
Girls playing
Will sleep on me
Les making Vids for RC Soaring I take laptop to bed.
2230 Watched an interview with Serj Tankian on C4- seriously cool guy- seriously cool music!
2300 I lay down to read my book with C4 for background noise. Les was editing his video.

Weather: Fine, fine, fine and absolutely lovely. Which made for a very crisp evening!

Cool: Popping out to Starbucks with Joz albeit briefly. J2 Gold and the Firebirds both having wins. Finding a hair colour that looks like it will be pretty good at the supermarket in Helensville. Will asking Les to get out the transmitter so he could do flying.

Not Cool: Having Kaycee with us for Rugby because I didn't feel like I could go to the book fair in Helensville. The long lens not working on the camera at Rugby.

Funny: Will's word for Ambulance- 'Ambience'. Watching the news with Will:
W: "Oooh I saw a police car. Oooh Yeah! It had it's lights on!"
Mum: "Oh was it going ee oo ee oo ee oo?"
W: "No it wasn't going ee oo ee oo ee oo."

On my mind: Getting sorted, losing weight, reinstating a daily to do list habit, reading, scrapbooking.

Photos: 426 (including 200+ at Rugby)


Les left early for Golf
Kids played
Kieran came home
Dropped Alyssa off
went to supermarket

Weather: Blah. Overcast and damp, scattered showers- but mild, not cold.

Photos: 143