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Tree Hugger

We don't have any trees in our yard and most of the places we regularly go don't have trees over hanging us- so when he gets a chance to be 'at one' with Trees Tama greets it with open arms. And delights in it!

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Tiny Tales from Week 37

The day started out with Kieran's Semi Final game which his team won!!
You can check out all the pictures and results on the team blog.

After hockey the super hot Sunday prompting the definite need for a water fight. (Kieran joined in too- but I had put away the camera by then.

 This week there was also lots of cuteness!

Tell this boy it's bath time and he's off!

Fun stuff with food!

Making mess with flour and sand paper letters.

Kieran made his hair red for the school athletics day. The weather was great- so by the end of the day his face matched his hair.

More cuteness.

Last Hockey Practice of the year- Woo HOOOO!!!

Tama had an altercation with his yoghurt.

Loved this chick on the scooter- she had an obvious style and personality. The boys in the car in the next lane over were trying to hit on her and get her to pull over once they got through the lights. When the light went green she flipped them the bird and then zoomed off! :-)

I love these signs- I want one for my scraproom. And in an ideal world they'd erect them ahead of photograph-able locations so that scrapbookers would know to whip their cameras out when they were driving. As an aside I think this camera is the same one that took my picture the following Sunday and then sent me the photo for $75. :-o

Will made breakfast... he's so cool.

I've been meaning to show you these guys for a while... what better name for a Towing company: "Cameltow". This truck was a particularly classy edition....

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The sun sets on Sunday

This was the view that we had as we drove home from dropping Merenia off to camp on Sunday.
One of the best parts of living in the West.