Monday, April 30, 2012

Tiny Tales Untold 2012 Week 9

This week we felled mighty towers, with safety gear of course!

Made music...

Checked out the rear view.

And got full frontal.

Came home sick from school and fell asleep sitting up while Mum was putting the baby to bed.

Got up close and personal.


Saw the effects of the WA wind.

Had some tenting adventures.

Got the latest series of Mini-figures all in one day.

Worked on letters with great care.

Checked out the views.

Got into trouble and then made more....

Saw some cool flowers.

Slumbered on the road.

And watched the sun set on another day in WA.

I can tell...

Tama thinks he's the flashest baby to ever crawl the face of the Earth.

He's got serious tickets on himself.

He's probably right.

Oh ok, I concede- he's bang on.

Wish I had the self-confidence of a 10 month old.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Single Photo Saturday

Ok I cheated I know but I just couldn't choose...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


On the off chance you need a dose of cute in your day (who doesn't?) I present 10 month old Tama ....

Or as he is currently known around these parts "Danger Baby!". While he never actually got around to using proper crawling over his signature moves also known as Humphing- we learned this month that he can actually do it. He has now progressed to pulling himself up on anything and everything and every one. Not so bad if the thing in question doesn't move like small tables and couches. But down right dangerous if it does like toy boxes and washing baskets. Or if even worse sliding screen doors with rugs beside them- both of which move under pressure in two different directions! And we have hard floors- I can tell by the thud when Tama's head hits them! And then there's the danger for the member of the family with the hairiest legs.... great for gripping! Not so great to be gripped.

And either Tama is smart or I am stupid. Because right now he isn't content with all the daft age appropriate toys that we make available to him and prefers to go for the totally inappropriate stuff  that we have out for ourselves and Will. He is always going for the 'best' scrapbooking paper and the most dangerous and pointy toys and instruments to stuff in his cute little gob. Every day I try and remember what I did with the others at this stage and none of it seems to make him happy. I think he just wants to be a big boy already, not yet my little son.

Will had parent interviews in the last week of term and Tama dragged himself up on me and started in on the "Ama, Ama, Ama!" In other words "Tama here look at me!!" He's not backwards in coming forwards. He knows how to woo the ladies in the supermarket and he knows how to make the big men go soft. I know this as he has a thing for the sort of guys who have 'ZZTop Beards' and dark sunglasses- he puts on a great show of laughing and smiling and it works every time.

He is a lover of balloons, balls and things that go. He could sit at a busy intersection all day and be totally entertained. I know because I was taking some photos of Will beside a very busy intersection a week or so back and put Tama down and he just sat and watched in awe of all the traffic going by.

He loves his Daddy a lot. We often sit on the front lawn around 4:50pm on a work day and wait for him to come home. Tama waves to all the passing cars. Then he watches the wheels on Les' car as he pulls in. And then when he gets out he gets all jumpy and excited making lots of noises. I tell you it would almost be worth going to work to come home to that sort of greeting!

He's figured out what he does and doesn't like in the food department. Promptly surveying the array that is presented to him and just as promptly dropping that which he does not desire over the side of his high chair. He is a meat and fruit-atarian. Plums and Mangoes especially. 

He loves his music and is just starting to actually get into stories- he missed out when he was little because we had so much going on- so we never formed the habit when he was small- by the time I got down to it with him he was much more interested in wriggling off, or pulling my hair, or pulling himself up or some sort of variation on that. He's getting better now- but he still needs to wriggle to much to join Will and Les for bedtime stories- he'll figure it out soon enough though.

He sleeps fairly well at night all rugged in sleeping bag as he is no fan of blankets. He has mostly been waking twice- which is fine with me- but sometimes I get 4+ a night- not so good. During the day is not so good he really needs 2-3 decent sleeps but seldom gets them preferring to be where the noise and the action are rather than in his cot.

But most of all he's lovely and charming and sweet and for the most part still does what he's told which is more than I can say than the other 3 ratbags in our crew.