Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For me!

There's a rule in our house about not paying the hugely exorbitant prices for flowers on Valentines Day. Any other day though.... nice!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soapbox Derby

This is cheats blogging really... Kieran was in the Soapbox Derby last weekend and if you visit my other blog today you can read the full story.




Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the law

Don't you just love his 'bike helmet'?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Toast

These photos are from a couple of weeks back. One of the first things K learned to make at Tech was French Toast (to be honest I am surprised he didn't already know!) He taught Merenia and Alyssa to make it as well... or at least let them watch while he cooked.

And Will got to enjoy the spoils!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lunch Box

On the evening of the first day baby Jake came to us I went out and brought Will a lunch box. I needed to be able to offer him healthy food quickly but also not have him be able to trash a days worth of food in one go. I LOVE the lunch box I got him it has 4 compartments 2 small 1 med and 1 large. It's great!

And, oh my goodness, he looks cute when he uses it!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Been Chopping Onions

Goodbye Summer

Everything in the garden is on the way out... The pool has gone down again and it seems there may not be enough sunny days left to justify filling it up again. Soon the lawn will be scattered with leaves. On the upside we are planting spring bulbs and winter crops and with a bit of rain the huge cracks that have opened up all over the lawn may close up again. And even on the way out things are beautiful....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

W and Me

He just fills my heart to over flowing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trade Me love

One of those days where you have to love trade me! When our old neighbours moved out (way back in May!!) they took their netball hoop. :-(

With the netball season nearing I started looking for a new hoop on trade me... one dollar later....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I know Kieran is my son. Reason # 339

In the car on the way to school:

Kieran "Man! I normally see hardly any licence plates with two numbers the same, but the last 5 out of 7 cars had them!"

We think in numbers, we see patterns, we have maths brains.
My boy.

Haircut Phenomenon

Will has recently had his third haircut- I think perhaps I might be getting a little better at it despite the challenges presented- like a squirmy 2 year old with a double cowlick right out front.

But I do have a bit of a problem. I wonder if any body else can attest to the haircut phenomenon?

It seems the shorter a kids hair is- the more likely they are to be boisterous and cheeky and troublesome and just downright naughty.

Some kids at school especially the freckly ones that have really short hair- you can almost guarantee that they will be ratbags.

I've noticed that Will has very definitely got his cheeky on a whole bunch more since I cut his hair. So has the cat. :-(

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cooking Class

Kieran is a year 8 this year- that's form 2 for all your old schoolers- that means he is doing 'Tech' (Manual for the old schoolers) Last year he did sewing (not really his thing) and wood work. This year they have started with cooking and Kieran is absolutely loving it. He has come home each Friday and, if possible, made whatever it is they made that week. The first week they made bread case savouries and he taught M and W to make them as well...

They were totally delicious- I like the creamed corn, ham and egg filling the best.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


If we are chatting with Will (almost constantly when he is awake) we understand most of what he says. If you are chatting with Will there are a few things you may need clarification on. So I have prepared a small lexicon of Willisms for your use;

Chicken-Mixtle- We have three sets of animal cards and in the 'Wild Animal' set there is a "Chicken-Mixtle"

Chocit: A brown coloured food substance- very yummy.

: A polite word often used when making a request, as in "Can I have a Chocit peas mum?"

Cina-min-min; Cina-min-min is a lovely smelling spice that we put on french toast and is also Mrs Salt and Mr Pepper's daughter on Blues Clues.

Mido; Mido is a chocolate malt flavoured drink that you add into milk. Will is a big fan of 'Mido milkshakes'

Gawakenmouldy: An green dip, great with corn chips.

Avatardo: The main ingredient in Gawakenmouldy.

Food Pwocessor: The kitchen machinery used for making various items including Gawakenmouldy.

Hey-e-opter: A vehicle used by the Airforce and Navy with rotors versus wings.

Seat sprite: A type of Hey-e-opter.

ProPadder: Used by the engines on the Orions to help achieve flight.

A-nuv-in: one more as in "Can I have a-nuv-in cwacker peas mum!"

oven: a different option, as in. "Not that cwacker I want the oven one peas Mum"

Fweckles: A number of small brown spots found sprinkled over Wills nose.

Igina: A part of a woman's anatomy found 'south of the border'. (Apparently some days Kieran has an Igina.)

Ukalady: A musical instrument played by Merenia, looks like a miniture guitar.

Onchillady: A mexican flat corn bread. We have Chicken Onchilladys- they are delicious.

Anslinky Anslinky: Is a black cat who is a character in the Hairy Mclary books.

swat sides: What Will likes to do when he is finished one booby- he likes to swat sides to the other booby.

Mudge: A delicious Chocolate confectionary.

Pop goes the Eagle: A line in a nursery rhyme.

Tiny Hair: What baby Jake has on his head.

Stattered Cloud: A weather condition in which there are a moderate to high number of clouds in the sky. As opposed to "tiny cloudy" where there are a few clouds or "solid cloudy" where no blue can be seen.

Ontanna Ontanna: A female teenage singing character created by Disney and played by Miley Cyrus.

Dantartar, WitchieMtaw, Stephen and Donald; Three current members of the New Zealand Rubgy team, the "All Backs".
While we are on the subject of dictionaries one of Will's favourite activities when we are looking at the animal cards is to "Do it on the puter peas mum?"So we go to and click on the speaker feature to listen to the way the name of the animal is said. Like here.

Why Cry Over It?

When you can just SUCK it up off the table?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Will 2.25

Now that Will is 27 Months old.... (also known as 2 and a quarter).

He weighs... 12.6 kg (with his clothes on)
He measures.. 87 cm
He has ... 18 teeth

Will can....

  • Walk and Run
  • Dance
  • Walk up stairs
  • Pretty much go down the stairs forwards with no hands
  • He can't jump yet but it's funny when he tries
  • Pretend to be asleep
  • Feed himself very competently- when he wants to.
  • Say most things he wants to- just needs to sharpen his grammar a little.
  • Read a few words like Will, Mum, Dad, Kieran and Merenia
  • Count to ten sometimes and read some of the numerals.
  • Undress himself and sometimes dress himself.
  • Name 11 or so shapes.
  • Knows heaps of aeroplane, animal and dinosaur names.
  • Knows quite a few colours but always says purple first.
  • Sing Roow, row and incy wincy spider.
  • Sort of spell his name "W-i-ll-ll"

Will loves...
  • His dad
  • his brother
  • his mummy
  • Aircraft (any and all)
  • Playing outside especially in the dirt
  • Helping
  • Water play and going to the base pool
  • Bubbles
  • his sister- especially having her home during the day,
  • Talking- he likes the sound of his own voice
  • 'Boystuff'
  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Tools especially his "Spanet" (Spanner) and screwdriver (when it's not confiscated).
  • Reading stories
  • Building Towers
  • Making art
  • Being tickled, jiggled, wrestled, turned upside down, and thrown in the air
  • Making Ruby react- this is strongly discouraged
  • Taking photos
  • Getting Dirty
  • Playing 'BAAAAHHH!!!' with Kieran and Merenia
  • Watching Za-za's Baby Brother, Maisy and Blues Clues in small doses
  • Seeing how things work
  • Big machines; vehicles, mowers, diggers, police cars etc
Will tolerates.... (read: kind of dislikes actually)
  • Driving in the car
  • Having to go where the big kids go
  • Shopping
  • People in his face when he's cranky or tired
  • Not getting his own way
  • Baby Jake
  • Waking up
Will gets called...
  • Will
  • Willy
  • Wilbur
  • W
  • Dubby
Will eats...
  • breastmilk (we have just (finally) cut down to one in the afternoon- and it's going soon.
  • Yoghurt especially chocolate
  • Crackers
  • Chocolate Chippie biscuits
  • Chocolates
  • Corn on the cob
  • Sultanas
  • bread
  • Smoothies
  • Milk Shakes
  • Most things we eat for dinner- including spicy Indian food.
  • Shares a bedroom with Merenia
  • Spent his first night sleeping in a 'big boys bed' on the 18th of March.
  • Wakes at around 7:00am
  • Has a 2 hour sleep with me most afternoons
  • Goes down for the night around 7:30pm
  • Still has undetermined eye colour
  • Generally goes through at least one change of clothes each day due to some sort of messy play/water/sandpit/gardening
  • Is getting really good in the water.
  • Spends much of his time just wearing a singlet, t-shirt and nappy.
  • Talks a lot.
  • Has phoned Carolann at least twice and Aneil's house once.
  • Often asks; "What's that noise?"
  • Cracks us up when he says; "It's a-nuv-in Blues Clues day- Wri-wrowl!"
  • Calls the base pool "Nana Dotty's Pool"
  • Knows the names of various All Blacks and the sponsors sometimes too.
  • Had his first trip on a plane (The Boeing to Christchurch).
  • Wishes he could go to Play Centre.
  • is totally cheeky and rascally and mischievous and mad.
  • And funny and lovely and cute and sweet and smart and incredible.