Thursday, September 30, 2010

Horses, Vets, and Hospitals

Merenia has a habit of coming up with some very elaborate games which often involve restricting Will's movements either by her ordering him around verbally or flat out physically restricting him. More often than not these games involve horses and vets or hospitals where Merenia is the Doctor and Will is the very patient patient receiving all manner of 'treatments' for whatever ails him on the day.

A sick horse being treated in the stable by the vet.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will's Days

Following on from yesterday's post I thought I would provide a snapshot of Will's day's at the moment.

Lego was never designed for two year olds- it doesn't stop him though. This truck has a helicopter that rides on the back of it. It doesn't stand up to Will's rough treatment of it though and needs to be remade each time he gets to play with it.

A bit of cosying up in a basket- most likely watching The Wiggles or Captain Mack on Kidzone- love a TV channel with no ads!

This was cool I set up a shop in the kitchen and Will paid me pretend money and kisses and cuddles to buy himself some lunch which he then put in his shopping basket- took to the lounge and snacked out on.

Yay for the weather on the improve we can get out more.

Will musician and performance artiste!

Reading- yay love it!

Cutting, punching, drawing, stickers and painting- this kid loves to create (mess).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh my, is he ever growing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Redesigned Play Space

I recently redesigned the way our play corner is set up. Previously all the toys were in one big basket and Will had a habit of just dumping them all out. As well as that he would strew all the puzzles around the room. So I sorted the toys by category and but them in their own baskets. Turned the shelves on their side so the toys would be at floor level and the puzzles would be up and ready for him to work on.

I also rotated the toys as well- so there was some 'new' and exciting stuff to play with- and put away a bunch of the less played with stuff.

There were a few teething problems. The stuff kept falling down behind the shelves... easy fix....

And it would appear that there was no where to sit and read....

So Les made Will this....

Hooray for a cool place to play, learn, and read and double super mega hooray for a super mega awesome and talented Daddy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy's Parachute Work

Just before he went to France Les started working in the Parachute Bay. He wasn't really in there before he went away as they didn't see much point in starting his training when he was about to go away- so it wasn't until just recently that we went in to see him at what Will calls 'Daddy's Parachute work'

They have a big loft upstairs which has a super spongy floor- designed to go easy on the knees of the guys who are packing the chutes on the floor. It is also great for wrestling and running around like a crazy.

It has a huge pool that they use to wash up the dirty chutes in.

And a high roof which they use to dry the chutes.

The bay backs onto 40 Squadron which is cool because you can go through the door and check out the Herc's and the Boeing.

We had a look at one of the chutes ready to be packed.

This is Will's jump position. Cute huh?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010


Letters have been big around here both writing and receiving them. Last week after we went to see Les for the first time in the Para Bay Will drew a picture and wanted to send it to Les at work. And so we did...

Then a week or so later when he had tracked down some stickers Les sent a letter back- which was pretty darn exciting apparently!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boys Together

Both Les' and Kieran's absence caused some issues for Will. Essentially his no. 1 and no. 2 people to look up to and worship as life's ultimate heroes simply upped and disappeared for what felt to him like a very very very long time. So since they got home Will has been more than a little clingy and very attentive to his brother and his daddy.

This is the patented 'try and get as close as possible to dad" manoeuvre Will has it down to a tee- he's even better at it at 6am as he combines it with his signature move the death roll of doom to try and wedge himself as close to Les' face as possible- this means lying across the bed rather than up and down it. And if the 'you're in my way' kicking is any indication my face apparently doesn't make a good foot rest- always good to know these things.

And what better male bonding than the good ole- down trou!

Even if you're opponent does have nappies and a dome crotch singlet on- it's still fun and even more funny!!

There's been a lot of this too. Just sweet snuggling.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Kieran got home...

I haven't blogged much about Kieran's trip- I was kind of hoping that he would do a guest blog but no such luck as there are extremely important things to do like facebook, farmville, playstation sport and school (note sarcasm here). I am hoping to get a photobook done in the next few days while they are on special but in the meantime...

The first thing he did was unload a truckload of Japanese 'stuff'. We had all sorts of gifts from Kieran's very generous host family and then presents from Kieran himself- the lounge ended up looking like a bomb site.
It was all very interesting.

Sushi erasers.

Blow guns.

I said bombsite right?

One well travelled box of weetbix- which I am pleased to say he didn't feel the need to eat and also a little concerned- who needs cereal when pizza is on offer (for breakfast!)

And then he watched the rugby highlights on You tube.

While Will posted Japanese coins into the Yan & Mar money box kids (Yanmar is the Japanese host dad's workplace).

And then he got on facebook and life resumed normality.

To be fair he had told us a lot over the phone and he did talk all the way back from the airport. Showing the kids the photos on his camera. (He also came back with an album full of photos that his host family gave him). Other than that he didn't say much other than it was hot. His host family was 'too' caring. And he found communication a bit of a struggle. Especially if his name came up in a conversation that was in Japanese and there was laughter- he felt a little paranoid. He took the following day off school supposedly to recover and catch up some sleep- but in actual fact he wanted the other boy from his class that went to be the one in the limelight so he didn't have to be. It was an interesting reaction and we felt like he didn't seem to appreciate the opportunity that he got, which is a bit sad really. Hopefully he will be able to look back on it in time and realise how cool it was. On the plus side his kiwi 'rugby dad' said he was without a doubt the best behaved and most polite kid on the tour- which is pretty cool.