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Wish List

Elle Luna's new book: Your Story is your Power.


Some art by Helen Dardik.... colourful, colourful, colourful. Web. Instagram. Etsy

I'd like to be a Patron for Jen! Check out her blog here.

I would love to have a look at a few issues of The Phoenix Soul online magazine.

I need to get a lot more technically proficient with the camera...   but some creative ideas would also be welcomed... so this book: A Lesser Photographer sounds interesting.

This from Heidi Swapp- Just for the Flamingo.

Heidi Swapp - Pineapple Crush Collection - Ephemera

I'm still keen to play with a set of Altenew Layering Stamps (I do have the Flamingo) These ones look pretty.

Image result for Altenew - Clear Acrylic Stamps - Winter Rose 

The new Crate Paper Line Wild Heart line looks pretty cool too... perfect for scrapping a tropical holiday! 

And while we're talking tropical holiday I'll add a destination to my wish list: Maluku Islands aka The Spice Islands in Indonesia.

  Photo Credit:

That's enough wishing for now. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Right Now 24-4-18

Right now I am:

~ looking at photos from the last couple of months- a couple of good adventures a lot of birds and flowers. Hopefully up on Flickr soon.

~ loving having made 11 scrapbook pages over the last few days... finally. 
~ loving Oliver Jeffers latest book for children: and also this one of his too:
~ thankful for the advent of computers... the boys have had way too much time on them but it's joyously quiet and argument free afternoons around here.
~ inspired by Podcasts. I've been listening to ABC RN's Bookshelf and The Hub on Books . Lots of great book recommendations and lots of ideas on what people enjoy in their reading and also lots of learning how authors tick.
~ savouring Philadelphia cream cheese and fresh truss tomatoes on a good wholegrain bread with a little salt and pepper... perfect.
~ reading I recently finished The Choke by Sofie Laguna I loved her writing style and the way she describes things. Hard going at times but still a great story. I am currently reading Facing the Flame by Jackie French the last in the seven book Matilda Series, the other six of which I have read and loved... Australian Historical fiction with awesomely strong female leads. Check out my Goodreads here.

~ reading poetry as well; and Nikita Gill  
~ swooning over a light box. Really? Yes I am!
~ enjoying the break from school day routines.
~ feeling a little stressed over Merenia's new found independence- she has just brought her first car!!
~ counting words... 97296 and pages 199 (eeeekk!) in a book written (almost finished) by me.
~ tasting Lemon Heaven Tama helped me make some last night.
~ wondering about Domain names... should I?
~ making use of the time I have now. I've been applying for jobs.
~ wishing I'd started a whole bunch of things a year ago and some.
~ hoping to make some progress on big things soon.
~ glad I got a new camera bag. It is yet to have it's first real test. But I am happy with it so far.
~ listening... podcasts I said that already though... also Daughter, Florence and the Machine,  NIN, Elbow, The Cranberries and some classic rock... some people are a (bad??) influence. :-)

~ relieved we are over the school holiday halfway mark.
~ seeing Marigolds- on their way out but still lovely and birds taking a dip right outside my door. 

~ dreaming a new home into being... we're going to move at the end of the year I think. So I have a mental wish list in my head- the top of the list is lower rent, trees, light internal walls, less brown, effective Air-con and a total lack of rats!!
~ thinking about failure and fear and deserving. Thanks to Mark Manson, if you haven't read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck... it's worth checking out. 

~ thinking of an appropriate caption... can never have too many books in your life right??
~ anticipating a holiday... there isn't one planned in my future but this looks like fun... (zoom in on Useless loop- pretty right??) maybe if I wish it so it will happen... and I wouldn't say no to a bit more Indonesia and Asia in general!
~ grateful for mild Perth weather and spectacular storms.

~ going to stop procrastinating and add to that word count.

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