Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chiefs Fans Unite!

Terrible photos, cute matchy-matchy kids....

Friday, October 30, 2009


Council bans parents from play areas


We interrupt this blog holiday to say....

Fraser talking about Will: "He's my brother from another mother. (And father)."

Merenia on the CD in the car today: "What is this?"
Kieran: "Golden Horse"
Merenia: "Is that that thing from ages ago when heaps of people got killed"
Me: "No that's the Trojan Horse"

Merenia on this morning's Power cut: "Oh no! What about the Zoo? And the Equators with all the eggs in them?"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best of Days, Worst of Days....

If your name is Kieran S.C.S then yesterday ranks up amongst the best ever in your almost 12 years on the planet;
  • Half a day off school- not to be sneezed at.
  • Burger King for a lunch treat- all good.
  • Attending an All Blacks Training session- excellent!
  • Collecting a bunch of AB autographs on your autograph ball- ecstasy!
  • Having your all time favourite AB/Chiefs player tell you he likes your (Chiefs Shirt) shirt- Nirvana!
If you happen to be the mother of one Will E.A.S then yesterday ranks as one of the most horrifying, gut-wrenching, heart in your mouth, life flashing before your eyes, freakin' awful days ever.

Will fell off the front of the stadium, about 5 foot, onto concrete.

Luckily he was side on when it happened and it was his elbow and hip/thigh that broke his fall. He has a graze and a decent bruise on his elbow and he has chipped both his front teeth.

Douglas track and field has a low and high railing and nothing in between. Naturally we were in the front row and Will was standing right in front of me doing up the clip on his pushchair. I had a light grip on the back of his shirt. He moved to get a better position put his leg over the low railing of course there was nothing but air under his foot so he fell.

If I could play you the movie in my head I could show you in slow motion exactly what it looked like as my baby's sweet body headed for the ground. He let out a cry, I squealed, the crowd gasped. I put down what ever it was that was in my hand and jumped the fence.

Will has already started to get up and was crying so I scooped him up and held him close.

After a short time one of the AB's security guards came over to ask me why I had crossed the line. I told him my baby fell off the wall and he said 'ok' and went back to his post.

After a short time I returned to my seat, Will still crying I gave him a drink he calmed down I checked his head for bumps or sore spots, and looked over his body apart from the elbow all appeared fine. he was perky and wanted to play.

In retrospect I should have asked for medical help. Or I should have left and gone to A & E. But I was in shock so I didn't think. We stayed the hour and a half of the training and the signing and headed to school to drop K off. I didn't realise he had chipped his teeth till I feed him before bed.

With hindsight I know that he was ok and we didn't need to go but I felt pretty bad when I realised how poorly I managed the situation.

Nobody helped me.

There was one lady who asked me when the event was over if he was ok. And another lady was kind enough to carry the pushchair up to the top of the stadium. But when it actually happened not one person asked if I needed help. I can promise you if that were anyone else's kid I would have been a step behind his mum as she jumped off the wall.

This morning I rang healthline because I was worried about his teeth. They said ring the dentist. My dentist said ring the dental nurse. So I rang my old dentist, they said go to A & E so we did. They saw him but said go to the dentist. So I rang the old dentist back and he won't see a child so young. So I rang my new dentist and got him an appointment for next Tuesday- hooray for ACC!

Interesting fact for the day 50% of under 5's will have a tooth related accident.

I have rung the stadium and they are seriously going to look into it. And were very nice!

There are hundreds of photos on the camera- I'll get Kieran to guest blog the more enjoyable highlights of the day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Please Vote!

Go Here: Google Doodle Vote

Click on the Tab that says Years 4-6

And click on the picture with the two kiwifruit in the paddock.

And then VOTE because if my friend Samantha wins- our school gets $10,000!!!\


Twenty Two Pt 2

I just couldn't decide which of todays 9:38am photos I liked the best so here are my top two and an out-take!

(Those are just some random marks on his shorts nothing more sinister;-) )

Can you see why I couldn't decide?

I have to read my Camera settings because I think my even more amateur photography partner may have adjusted something as all my photos come out like they were taken in low light and they so weren't! It means EVERY photo I want to use needs to be edited and it's driving me NUTS!

Twenty Two Pt 1

So Totally Will

I am running a bit behind at the moment and only just started Will's 22 month page the night before it was due... my normal habit is to work on it 2 or 3 time throughout the month. But actually it was kind of nice to do it all and look at the whole month in review. It's always hard to decide which 30/31 photos will make it in for the month... some days all the pictures are fairly average and some days there are a bunch of stunners.

Lately Les and I have had a couple of conversations about Will. We both just think he is so completely different from Kieran, Merenia and of course Saskia. And while we love them all the same there is something different about him that is truly special. Kieran can grow up and discover a new type of dinosaur while studying fossilized remains in some foreign country and Merenia will be an amazing humanitarian type worker and help many people. But it is Will who will simply but delightfully capture peoples hearts and minds. I don't know how or why or what he's just the one.

This post is a little snapshot of Will now....

Rough and Smooth. Everytime we visit Starbucks Will checks in with the wall the wallpaper is rough and the wood is smooth.

He is fiercely independent (when he wants to be) and a great if somewhat overzealous helper.

He learns so much everyday from his sister and his brother.

He is super kind and loving to his family and other small furry creatures including the teddies at Starbucks who always get cuddles.

He is a passionate bird and aeroplane enthusiast who gets a huge kick out of the little things, like getting to touch the kiwi on the Seasprites.

He is willing to try new and interesting foods, even if the spicy Chicken Tikka send him running for his water bottle.

He waves goodbye to his Daddy practically everyday. And greets him dangerously enthusiastically when he gets home.

He is a tool guy, and throughly into investigating what happens if you put that in there.

He has his very own style which included wearing hats with helicopters and jets and mens or boys underwear as neck attire.

He loves to make art.

He is fascinated by how things work.

And delighted by his discoveries in these endeavours.

He has the cutest and most amazing hands.

And awesome fine motor skills.

He commands attention and puts allowances for fun into everything we do.

He is joy on feet.

He can dribble like a pro, seriously, Renaldo watch out!

Oh my god, does this kid ever love his Dad! He has a ritual in the mornings he wakes around 5:15am I pick him up, he has a drink and then he does what Les calls the death roll. He clambers and slithers up to Les' face and rolls his body into a position that gets him maximum closeness. His face is generally pressed against Les' head and he has this huge grin on even though he is actually half asleep. Dad is the number one go to for cuddles and help if he is home. And the hugest cause for grief if he leaves.

Determined to grow up Will likes to explore all the things that we use on a regular basis and figure out what the deal is and how exactly they work.

He is 'boy' to the core.

That quote that goes something like "A boy is noise with dirt on it" they were talking about Will.

And when he tries and even when he doesn't, he is funny, seriously funny.

He is pure incredible, wrapped up in joy, filled- overflowing in fact with love, and sprinkled with ecstasy. With a great big side of smart, smart, smart!

And boy do we ever love him.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blows My Mind!

Will will be 22 months old on Monday, he can....
  • Count up to five items and recite the numbers to ten. He can also name by sight from his puzzle the numbers; 0, 1 and 8.
  • Correctly identify a circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, oval, heart and star.
  • Read the words Will, Mum, Dad, Kieran, Merenia, outside, yellow and glider.
  • Recognise and name an Iroquoi, Seasprite, Orion, Hercules and Boeing.
  • Identify Green, yellow, blue, pink, and purple. (Not red though- weird!)
  • He knew that the propeller he found on the table belonged to the Corsair- I didn't!
  • He has a bunch of opposites figured out as well- especially rough and smooth.
And some kids quite seriously turn up at school not knowing any of that stuff, the aeroplane stuff is understandable but the rest of it??? Seriously, what the hell were they doing? Did they never talk to their kids?

While I'm here did I ever mention, he talks in his sleep and once a while back he clapped as well. :-)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

On Friday Will....

Looked at the world through new eyes.....

Discovered what remained of the rain....

Ran through wet washing and crashed to the ground with a giggle and a dramatic flourish....

Spent a little time in the shed.....

Got down and dirty with nature....

Yearned for the mower...

Beat a wooden trum trum on a rather heavy drum....

Considered the value of Recycling....

Examined the outdoor equipment...

Fitted himself for the summer swimming season.....

Wielded a pointy hunk of metal...

Pumped a little air in his day

Tinkered with the BBQ...

Ran around like a crazy horse...

Did a spot of plane spotting....

Threw the vortex...

Launched his 'glider'...

Pushed the swing...

Swung himself...

And groomed the lawn.

All I did was hang the washing on the line.