Friday, July 31, 2009

Reminds me of...

His big brother.

I just spent ages trying to find the photos that this one of Kieran is part of the set of. But for the life of me I can't! (This one had already been scanned onto the computer). If I find it I'll add it. But oh my do I ever want to scrapbook NOW!!! Looking back at the photos of the kids when they were little and our life in Australia, and the slightly lighter versions of Les and I, and weird hairdo's through the ages, and special friends like Charlotte and Annabelle, and just how similar the boys look and oh so much more.... I WANT TO SCRAPBOOK! Immediately for at least a week solid- a month would be better!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


You know when a dog or a cat catches sight of it's own tail and chases it around and around....

I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny!

Winter Rose: Photographed and Unphotograhed

Kieran's rose put on a small out of season display...


The same rose was part of an unphotographed situation... in hindsight I should have made the effort but hauling out and setting up the tripod on the cold winters night didn't appeal at the time. The photo I didn't take was of the same rose in bud. It was a dark night and Les went out for some reason so he happened to notice that the curtain was open a crackand the beam of light created was striking directly on the rose. Like a leading lady doing a solo in the spotlight in the middle of the stage.
Awesome... should have got the tripod out!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Water

Need I say more?

BP Challenge

A while back I got to go do some teachery stuff at school.

I was helping to prepare the teams for the BP Technology challenge.

By teams, I mean 16 BOYS Year 5 and up. Including my own!

I had a cool time, I think they did too.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't spend the day at the Challenge event with them so I had to hand the job back to the school.

But Will and I went and caught up with the kids at the Trusts Stadium on challenge day.

We missed the year 5 & 6's but found out they did really well!

The year 7 & 8's had a really hard 'unknown challenge' and they didn't go all that well.

But I think they had fun trying!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Helper

Will loves to help. He's getting super good at following instructions.

When he wants too.

The dishwasher is one of his most favourite jobs.

Sweet huh?

Dogs for a Day

One day I went to hang the washing out and as I went to walk out the back door I heard a noise. And this is what made the noise....

Align Center
For reference sake that's not the usual spot we keep our recycling bin or the chair and normally Will's little kitchen is upstanding.

Also for reference sake we don't have a dog, (or two dogs)..

But if we did, it'd look like that one.

These buddys had been tied to each end of a long rope presumably to try and foil their escape plans (I'd seen them roaming the neighbourhood on a couple of days the previous week as well). Obviously it didn't work so we got two dogs for a little over half a day.

They were lots of fun, and super friendly, and lovely with Will- who by the way turns out to be very obdient everytime I told the dogs to sit he did! We missed them when their owner came to pick them up.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dad's Home!

One of Will's favourite parts of the day is when Les gets home.

When he sees the car he heads for the window and waits...

...and watches..
...until he sees Les...

Then they head down to the bedroom together...

Les gets changed out of his uniform...

And then it's all on....