Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Les

Les' birthday is July... I'm a bit behind... in everything!


Night Lights

I absolutely loved this building Will and I spotted while we were in the city for Derek Muller. I'm super keen to go back some time and take some photos without Will and not in the car. I'm wondering what would happen if I used a longer exposure- because the colours change quite fast it should make for a rather interesting effect. For anyone wondering this is on St Georges Tce at the Barrack St end- it's the City of Perth Building aka Council House.

365 2015 Week 34

Before Homeschool there was ... school.

Once your kids go off into the wilderness that is school you don't get to see them nearly as much as usual... this has it's advantages. :-) And disadvantages too... like not getting many photos of them doing interesting stuff so it was cool to get these ones from Clare. They were doing some sort of team wide or school wide exploration I don't remember if it was maths or science.


This week on the web....

This was interesting, serving sizes on packaging in the US reflect what people eat on average (or did eat historically).  I am assuming it's not same in NZ and Australia as ours say 'recommended' serving size.

Chug some water before meals to help lose weight.

Fresh corn, avocado, tomato and basil salad.... YUM!

This article on infant feeding was a real stunner to me I'd want more information before I changed my baby feeding habits (if I had a baby to feed), but hmmmm... interesting!

We need a cat... and a dog!

Teacher Tom this week on the value of playing.  An educational utopia.

An interesting article about food and learning at ScienceWA. This article about literacy and family bugged me a LOT the conflicting concepts of 'best practice' and 'falling behind' in year 1... aaarrrggghhh!!!

 This is sweet- I'd want the heart on the opposite side though.

I really need something like this! :-)

Cool boys Star T-shirt.

I know three kids in our family who'd quite like this Periodic Table Stamp.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Something different for a Sunday

Our mens first team had their toughest game of the season on a Sunday night and we put out a call for club members to come and support. Putting our money where our mouths are Les and the boys came to cheers as well. I had to be there an hour before the game started so Les took the boys to a nearby playground at Lake Jualbup in Shenton Park.

PS. They won.

Wet, wet, wet

When it rains around here... it really rains.