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Single Photo Saturday

 Chocolate Play-dough Love!

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Simple Sunday

 Source unknown: Please let me know if I can credit you!

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Giving Bowl Update

I made Will up a sheet so he can see how coins go together to make a dollar. 
His giving bowl was filling up so it was time to total it up and send it to Cate for Foundation 18

He had a great time making all the dollars and counting them up with a simple tally sheet.

High finance, high stress.

In the end he decided to keep some of his coins in his Giving Bowl because, in his own words, "It's just SO hard!" to collect the money up and then have it empty again.

We also decided to reward him with $1 pocket money for every $10 he collects.

I have also added a little widget to the side of the blog to keep a running total of how much we have donated. If you want to see where our money is going or if you want to help too- then click on the picture that shows our total donated.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Les loves Pumpkin Pie.
Les loves Cheese cake.
Ergo: Pumpkin Cheese cake, right?

Well, maybe.....

Simple base, easy to make, tasty.
Pumpkin, cream cheese and all the rest.
Coming together nicely.

Water bath?.... with a spring form tin?... new.
Wrap, wrap, wrap.
Glad wrap, glad wrap, tin foil, tin foil.
Tightly, tightly. 


add water


looks good, looks ready.

open pan.
soggy crust.
filling is good.

try again?

Another day.

I used the recipe from Not Quite Nigella.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tama at 14 months

I love these pics from Tama's 14 month photo shoot.
They totally sum up his personality.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Building Boxes

We saved up a whole bunch of boxes from food and such and covered them in paper left over from the move. Then we decorated the with pens adding windows doors and such. They were great for a toy city. Stacking and knocking down and then after a week or two ripping and STOMPING!

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Single Photo Saturday

One of two goals that Kieran scored in the teams 7-2 deafeat of Whitfords in the semi-final. Hoping he can do it again tomorrow for the final. All the pictures are here: Kalamunda 9/10's

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Olympic Dinner

Our post Mini-Olympics Celebration dinner....

Pizza Flags....

We went with both Olympic Item themed food:
Medal Biscuits, Javelin Bread Sticks, Shot put cherry tomatoes, Olympic Donut rings, Jelly Baby Olympians.

And International foods: Turkish Bread, Croissants, Meringues, Onion rings, Poppadums, Mexican Corn chips, Short breadand of course the classic Kiwi dip and chips.

Nutritionally lacking but lots of fun, and enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mini Olympics The Winners....

Gold in the Run: Kieran

Gold in Hurdles: Les 

Gold in the Show Jumping: Merenia

Gold in the Shot Put: Tama

 Gold in the Javelin: Will