Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outage Adventures

A while back we had a really big power cut on a Friday night that lasted for quite some time. Kieran and I took laptop for a drive to a neighbouring suburb to find someone with unsecured wireless so he could make his rugby picks.
Dinner which had been in the oven for a short time was only half cooked. We made up some classic kiwi dip and ate chips by candle light as the night closed in on us.

We decided that if the power wasn't back on by 6:30pm that we would head out for dinner. It wasn't so we went out to Burger King and ate in. It reminded me of being a kid and how late night Friday shopping was so special and how exciting it was to be up town at that time with my parents. It also reminded me how much fun simple things seem when you are a kid- it was a real novelty for our kids to eat in at Burger King- we don't have take aways all that often unless we are travelling and even then most of the time we drive through.

Yay for power cuts, candles, and fast food restaurants for making life a great adventure on a Friday night.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saskia- The day

I took 650 photos on Saskia's birthday....

Writing cards.

Buying Balloons

Enjoying Fraps.

and Sushi.

Feeding the birds (and in some cases ourselves).

Walking along the beach.




Saskia- Father and Son

Saskia- Kieran

Saskia- Merenia

Saskia- Balloons

Saskia- Release