Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eating out: The Good and the Bad

On our big day out North of River we had two very different meals..... both were researched on the net and decided upon before we left home and it's a perfect illustration of the unreliability of peoples opinions.

For dinner we went to The Beach Shack at Hillarys. I think Will's chicken was ok... if somewhat bland.

Kieran feeling ill from an early morning wake up and a full day away from the Wi-fi opted for the Garlic Bread that wasn't. Garlic that is... it was practically tasteless... how do you mess up Garlic bread>

I had the fishermans platter which was over priced, over cooked and totally under whelming.

Les didn't bother to finish his burger- we make better at home for a quarter of the cost.

Merenia had Spaghetti Bolognaise... I think they have used some Heinz spaghetti... and then added mystery meat and then cooked it for a very long time!

Even their chips were yuck.

We left them a poem.

Lunch was a completely different affair! We went to Cafe Elixir in Wanneroo- it was packed... there's a reason for that. It was awesome!

Merenia had spaghetti and meatballs. It was really good and a very generous portion.

The little boys had the kids meals fish and chips.

And chicken and chips. Both super tasty and well cooked.
The chips at Elixir are some of the best I've ever had I'd love to know how they get them so delicious and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The sauce is home made too and really yum.

Iced Coffee. :-)

Iced Chocolate

Chocolate Shake.

BLT for me... super yum, I wish I could have finished it!

Meatball sandwich for Les. Very good.

And a vanilla shake to wash it down... I like how they bring out the milkshake cup as well so you get the whole shake!

We also got 6 different macarons to go, they were yum!

It was expensive even by Stockley Standards- (there are 6 of us so it's never going to be cheap). 
But totally worth it.

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Story Chapter 8 - Sorry

 And that goes double for hurt.

I am sorry that your very beginning has left you with the feeling that you were a mistake from the start. That you know that while you were loved you were never intended. And that there were some in your life who sought to have you removed.
I am sorry for the times you were hurt and I made fun of you.
I am sorry for making jokes about your developing body.
I am sorry I jumped out of that bush by the dental school not long after the incident with the creepy guy.
I am sorry that you saw me be manipulative and cruel to people that you care about.
I am sorry that I made you choose. 
I am sorry that I didn't have the ability to see it was possible for you to be you and still be in my life.
I am sorry that you felt that you weren't loved enough to be kept.
I am sorry that I made you doubt your other family relationships with my lies.
I am sorry I didn't let you take your stuff.
I am sorry that I lied about you to others in our circle of family and friends.
I am sorry that I could never get my shit together.
I am sorry that I rejected you all over again and was incredibly cruel in the process.
I am sorry that I will never be able to admit to much of this.
I am sorry that I expected you to act like a grown up when you were still a child.
I am sorry that I didn't act like a parent should.
I am sorry that there was no one there to really support you when you needed it.
I am sorry for the way my actions affected all the relationships you have had with females from that point on.
I am sorry that I was just plain a bitch sometimes.

I am sorry that I wasn't at a point in my life that I could cope with adding a teenager to my family.

I am sorry that that happened to you. It wasn't your fault then and it has never been your fault that it continued.
I am sorry that I didn't support you the way you needed it then.
I am sorry that I am unable to support you the way you need it now because I have moved on.

We are sorry that we continually pressed you to do something that you feared would put yourself in emotional danger.
We are sorry that we didn't support you then, and criticised the actions you took to protect yourself- we didn't realise how hurt you were. We put our own agenda and idea of how we thought things should be ahead of how you were feeling.
We are sorry we didn't believe you.
We are sorry for the times we shared your personal information even though you asked us not to and it wasn't ours to share. We didn't know it made you feel threatened.
We are sorry that our actions compounded the effect that she had on your relationships with women.

I am sorry that I didn't tell you what I wanted.
I am sorry that I didn't tell you I was unhappy.
I am sorry that I didn't give you the benefit of the doubt.
I am sorry for being so angry with you I should have known you wouldn't intend to hurt me.
I am sorry that I hurt you too.

I am sorry I told you I resented your hobby, that wasn't fair.

Those are the apologies I never got.

Now to see if trying to accept them makes life easier.

And then at some point I need to write the ones I never gave.

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Out and About: City of Joondalup

Joondalup is the northern western most city in Perth. We went up there for Merenia's horse riding lessons and thanks to the tax man also had a great day out.


While Mira's was riding we were swimming.


There were some cool rusty tools at the horse riding place- unfortunately for me I didn't have the right lens on my camera because I was planning on photos like these....

Once we had picked her up we went and had lunch.... which is a whole other post! After lunch we went to Wanneroo Botanical Mini Golf. Tama and I explored while everyone else played- it's a very pretty place and a great time was had by all!


From there we went via Joondalup to do a quick job for Les to Hillary's Boat Harbour. We were planning on checking out the Marine Centre there but the little boys had gone to sleep so I sat in the car with them and Les took the big kids for Frozen Yoghurt.

Once T & W woke up we hit the beach at the boat harbour- it's totally enclosed so very calm and not as wind effected as the regular beaches.


The little boys had a fabulous time especially Will as it's not too deep.
 Merenia swam out to the pontoon.

And Kieran meditated on the rocks. :-) A water nymph he is not.

By the time we were done swimming it was time for dinner... once again another post. 
And afterwards we were just in time to watch a better than average sunset from start to finish.
It was a fantastic day and we thank the ATO for the refund that allowed us to enjoy it!