Monday, September 30, 2013

Tiny Tales from Week 35

Our notice board attests to just how crazy busy things are at the moment- most of them relating to sport and school.

That said there's still time to have some fun. New felts, pencils and crayons are very motivating to young artists.

And hopefully a kit of new stuff will motivate a lovely teen into recording her memories. I put this kit together for Kieran's friend Emma- who wants to do something with her photos but needs it to be easy- the obvious answer is Project Life and as I have an over supply of stuff it was fun to put this together for her.

Washi tape would onto thick plastic- an easy way to share and it looks so cool.

Cray-cray- that's his word for crazy.

Merenia at the Massed Choir Festival can you see her? No me neither.

Tama's 'Doff' having a pot of ....

er.... sailfish- of course!

Father's Day- Les opening the 'great' pen and pencil set Will chose at school. You can see some more pictures of the stall on the school blog here.



Last game for the season! Hooray!

"I 'trong' I got beeg muscles'

He likes to get a run up on the ball.


Eat your dinner in safety!

and with a bat.

365 Week 35


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Story Chapter 39- On needing to Be Brave, or just needing to Be Me


There was a time when I didn't used to care what people thought of me. That's what confidence is- a lack of caring about the opinions of others.  Over time as I've thought less of the person I've become I've become much more aware and sensitive of what people might think.

I've developed habits, practices, a body, and a dress sense I'm not proud of. And I'm not generally confident about me. I've worked on fitting in and not standing out. And in the process I have undermined my own confidence and ability to be brave.

I'm not interested in being normal. I like to be different. But the less people I know and spend time with who are their own brand of 'out there', the less I feel able to be out there too. 

 I'm not outwardly the person that is at my core. I'm not who I want my children to see and learn from. And I don't know how to get back there.

I'm thinking I need to be brave. 
And I'm thinking I need to stop thinking and act.
Act to get back to Me. The one I'm proud of.


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tiny Tales from Week 34

This week illness hot the house it started here.

And moved to here and then onto Kieran and Les.

The big girl just got bigger.

iPod- voted best present 2013.

Merenia had her coming of age ceremony- now that she is 13 she can be a fully fledged witch!

(Or maybe they just had the book parade at school)

We went unconventional for a blindfold.

Warmed ourselves with candles.

Until a breeze passed through.

Oh damn.... cute again.

Sleepover breakfast- sugar and fat! French Toast. Yum!

Checked out the new playground.

Had a full car on Monday for the school run.

Were amazed when a Magpie Lark tried repeatedly to push our car and the neighbouring red car over with it's tiny bird feet.

Basket case.

Pander to me Tee-tee (TV).

And the bread went cubist.