Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mid week Wonderful ~ 29/01/14

I'm grateful for... have some cool new neighbours.

I'm thankful to be inspired by... Polly Scrap January Pocket pages kit.... which I got for free so I could guest for them.

I'm savouring....Blueberries.

I'm loving... Tama's confidence and joy jumping into the pool at Kalamunda.

I'm looking forward to.... Sunday... I think we're going out for lunch.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seeing out the year....

I decided to go watch the sun go down on the last day of the year. I wasn't one of WA's best sunsets but it was still pretty good.

It wouldn't have been awesome to watch it come up the next day. But without Daylight savings I'd have had to get up at some insane hour of the night.... like 4:30am for first light.

Tint Tales from Week 52

Of course all of the years artwork came home from school last week and needed to be sorted and distributed. I particularly liked this Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike from Will. He got to feed one this year at school.

Tama hit the great big 2.5!

A Christmas Cake from our land lady. Is it wrong that I regifted it to our neighbour Nancy- we don't eat Christmas cake.

We had our Christmas Eve dinner whilst tracking Santa's take-off on NORAD.

2nd Annual Christmas Eve Water Fight. Merenia on Photography.

Post water play Peppa Pig on the iPod. .

Lighting the tree before we head out to see the lights on Christmas Eve. (We don't really leave it on when we're out)

Post Christmas chilling before the madness begins.

Will got a new game in the Boxing Day sales- DC Marvel Lego Super Heroes.

Working on our Daily December album.

He did it himself! (Inside out and back to front,but still by himself) He was very pleased with himself.

Les farewells the Christmas Tree for another year. :-)

Enjoying the hot weather.

Will's Lego was in a big under-bed storage box and invariably he'd tip it all out in a bid to find the weaponry or mini figure piece he wanted. 
Then Les would chuck a fit.
Then I'd get stressed out.
Will would be sad.
Les cleaned up the lego.
And it was an all round crap situation.

So I did this.
And now Will plays with the lego heaps more. Because he can find the pieces he wants And I find little bits of the well played with Lego all over the house. And he end's up tipping a much smaller box of lego filled with all the tiniest pieces on the floor of his room.
Then I get frustrated and angry.
Will gets sad.
I get stressed out.
I have to now resort the lego.
And it's an all round crap situation- that's all my problem now.

Slowly emptying out....

bit by bit....

And totally filling up fast.... 2 days till the move begins.