Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Makes me (SUPER) Happy #5

 Thanks to Snapfish having a couple of kick-arse deals at a time when we could (just) afford it I recently got all of my 365 projects including Will's printed into photobooks and also did Les' France Album which we sent copies of to all the guys on the F3J team.

Having the 365's in a easily available format able to be just picked up is the coolest thing and taking a look back at our lives and seeing just what's changed and what's stayed the same (not much) as well as remembering some particularly special moments and people has been just the coolest thing- and totally worth the sort of money I have never paid on a single book before.


These books are hardcover with 30x30cm pages.






Will's Book also a 30x30cm Hardcover included all of his monthly day-by-day pages as well as a selection of the 9:28 photos as a heading page for each year.


Les' book is a 20x28cm Hard cover book- I created 5 different variations of the books because not all of them went onto London, or did the tour of Paris or wants to have a full page photo of Les. :-) It was a mission but totally worth it and I'm super pleased with the results.



(Back Cover image)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Makes Me Happy #4

I'm not generally a celebrity scrapbooker groupie- but it was kind of cool to meet Amy Tan of the American Crafts Brand Amy Tangerine when she did a demo at a local spotlight store a couple of weeks back. She's pretty groovy, very talented... and she scrapped for Dr Phil... how cool is that as a claim to scrapbooking fame!

We made a card and a couple of tags in the demo I got her to sign one of mine... guess what scrapbook page that will go on...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spine Stories

A week or so ago I heard about Sorted Books- Amazon describes it thus: elighting in the look and feel of books, conceptual artist Nina Katchadourian's playful photographic series proves that books' covers—or more specifically, their spines—can speak volumes. Over the past two decades, Katchadourian has perused libraries across the globe, selecting, stacking, and photographing groupings of two, three, four, or five books so that their titles can be read as sentences, creating whimsical narratives from the text found there. Thought-provoking, clever, and at times laugh-out-loud funny (one cluster of titles from the Akron Museum of Art's research library consists of: Primitive Art/Just Imagine/Picasso/Raised by Wolves), Sorted Books is an enthralling collection of visual poems full of wry wit and bookish smarts.

If you google it in google images you can see some of the images from the book- they are very cool! Les and I were keen to play along here's what we came up with first off from our own book shelves...


Monday, May 27, 2013

For the birds

In the most recent school holidays we had the class birds to visit. When they went back to school I put together this little book and post card set about their adventures on holiday...