Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Backyard Rugby

The whole lack of Daylight savings thing in WA is a pain in the bum. You sort of feel like going out there and saying... "people!! It's GOOD. You're kids don't wake up at 5am and instead of it being dark at 7:30pm- you have another hour to go for a walk, do the garden, or whatever takes your fancy once your done with dinner and such."

For example- you would totally have heaps more opportunity to make your neighbours think that your kids were killing each other by ripping each others limb off as they squeal, scream and giggle their way through a game of backyard rugby.

And you could be entertained for hours by their crazyness!
P.S Don't ask me why Will is wearing long sleeves in the Perth Climate- the child is completely balmy! The other day he was wearing jeans and a jacket with a fur collar- It's 28 degrees inside son- seriously!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tama, Rolling

It happened in the blink of an eye one second there was a squirmy baby wriggling around on the blanket. Next thing there was this little stuck thing looking like a fish out of water

And then he got his arm round the right way.
 And was pretty impressed with himself!
And that was Monday the 17th of October just a week shy of 4 months... so proud!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the Octo-baby

Tama was wearing Wills Captain Barnacles Octonaut Hat....

He thought he was pretty funny....

Then he sneezed....


Somethings to write home about....

Some photos from Les in Aberdeen.....

Presents!! and taunting.......

At work some Bristow Helicopters.

 Loch Ness

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What do ya reckon???

Remember a while back and I said I was going to an auction. Well I managed to score the box of 'stuff' I was after some of it was crap and some cool. These were in there. Any guesses as to what they might be?

If Wendy and Glenna opened a shop together.....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The guy I've Been Sleeping with....

On Tuesday I posted this to my face book status:

Don't tell my husband but since he's been away I've been sleeping with a younger guy. He kept me up till all hours last night and we just spent a lazy afternoon in bed together. He is super cute and charming and has a thing for my breasts. He made me laugh and I made him squeal with delight. Then we curled up in each others arms to sleep. Soon we're heading out to pick up a couple more guys, could make for an interesting evening.

Here's a picture of the guy....

I said he was cute right?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dads Love Their Babies

In age order from oldest to youngest....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

365 Week 46

The week as Tama would have seen it....
This week started with Dad and Will just disappearing, things were a lot quieter at home. Then they came back and Will was all loud again, apparently there were some dogs, and a playground or something, I don't know.

Sunday I kept Mum so busy all day that by the end of the day when she realised she hadn't taken any photos at all she just took some of us both together. 

On Monday they put me in bed at the front of the house and then went out the back to plant corn, sweetpeas, sunflowers and some other such stuff. Little did they know I was just pretend sleeping so when I got bored I rolled over and got stuck. I called out and they didn't come, so I cried and cried and cried. And I made a big wet patch on the sheet and had the saddest face I could see mum looked totally terrible so once I calmed down I gave her lots of smiles so she'd feel better.

We went to pre-school with Will and stayed such a long time. I was already tired when we left home but apparently being the youngest you just have to put up with this stuff. I have no idea what that thing is Will has- but I do know we have one at home know and there is a lot more apple eating because of it.

Later that day I helped mum make Apricot loaf- she didn't intend for me to help- but instinctively I knew something good was going on- so when she put me in bed I just did my pretend sleeping until she was committed to finishing the baking and then put on my most sorrowful wail so of course she came right away.

This was Mum's novel idea. She put me in the basket, like common flippin' laundry so she could make dinner two handed. I acted vaguely amused briefly, for Mum's sake- she does try. Then made my real feelings known- one can only put up with not being held for so long you know.

Once again I got dragged along to someone else's, something else. Will had a transition to Kindy meeting at School- the kids went off to do fun stuff and Mum and I had to stay and listen to a bunch of stuff that had very little specifically to do with Will's Kindy next year. BOR-RING! (Even Mum agreed). I was so exhausted by the tedium I fell asleep in the push chair on the way home.

Thursday- Pre-school, again.  The only upside to pre-school days is that I get Mum all to myself and she is a lot less flustered and cranky with out Will around (can't imagine why). Anyway while I was there I met an older women (1 month older) she reached across the play mat and held my hand. But she had spots and  no hair so not really my type. (Mum is hoping that they weren't the start of Chicken Pox- there's also slap cheek and head lice at pre-school, the joys of childhood.)

I spent a little time looking at my favourite people, me and mum. Bliss.

Friday, oh my look at that dragged off to another family members thing.... Merenia got a certificate at assembly. Will ran wild. I went to sleep. 

You know there's not nearly enough pictures of me in this post- what the heck is going on Mama?