Sunday, March 31, 2013

Story Chapter 13 - The Villain

There is a villain in my story- actually there are quite a few. When I wrote my 'virtues' list these villains were in the back of my mind. So these are things I need to change and or eliminate to help me make a better story of my life

  • various addictions including but not limited to iced coffee, lollies and collecting stuff.
  • spending too much money on the unnecessary.
  • not fronting-up to others when I have a problem.
  • time wasting.
  • not getting enough sleep.
  • being unnecessarily being critical of myself and others.
  • unhelpful day-dreaming and rehashing.
  • guilt.
I'm sure there's more but that lot certainly make a good start to be mindful of. The virtues list addresses some of them so I'm already working on reducing/eliminating some them. Others I may just have to knuckle down and go cold turkey. A lot of them come with cementing my routines and good habits so I can see that is something I need to put an emphasis on in the coming weeks.

I'm not proud of this list of shite but I'm also not going to let it get me down either- if I'm working on it then I'm getting somewhere- and it's all part of the story. And I firmly believe if you don't have the bad then the great doesn't feel nearly as fabulous!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tiny Tales Week 8

How cool are these? I'd like a serve of optimism with a little reality sauce on the side for dipping.

Lots of dancing this week. We have a small collection of ladies scarves in various sizes and fabrics which we use for various purposes including dancing- Tama totally gets into the spirit of this and loves feeling the different textures- it's a whole heap of fun.

One of the non-list items from last weeks Ikea trip- Tama's dog, Honey. (It's a temporary name till Tama gets the concept of naming because his only suggestion when asked was "Name".

Merenia has been watching lots of you tube videos in order to learn some acrobatic skills- there's lots of practice going on in the back yard and I assume (considering the noises I hear sometimes) also her room.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

A spot of cricket.... er.... ahhh... hockey?

Finally made Tama his own super hero cape... I love these things they come together so quick. I made a bunch for school as well and have included them in some birthday gifts as well.

Will was home sick and unfortunately we had to do a quick supermarket mission for milk and other essentials. I don't like taking them out when they're under the weather but I made up for it by ensuring he had a nice healthy colourful snack after we got home.

So I said that the Rubbish truck was the flavour of the month a week or so ago. By which I actually meant the flavour of last week. And this weeks flavours are the "norn-mowa" and the "wee-eeta". I'm planning on re-releasing my classic from 2009 Lawn Mower! in a "new for 2013" format.

Ahhhhh they have their moments... most of them unfortunately don't look like this.

And what you don't see is the transmission of Will's sicky germs to Tama.
The result of which was that he missed Alyssa's Party at Active-ate

Looks like he had a lovely time at home anyway. :-)

Doctor Who as a toddler?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tiny Tales Week 7

Any heavy machinery really but Rubbish Trucks in particular were the flavour of Tama's month in February. Like a cat detecting the sound of a can opener in action. He has been known to go from fully asleep to fully awake in a matter of a split second as the truck rumbles in the distance. It goes like this.

"Bean! (bin)
Run run run"
( we run outside)
"Up, up up."
"Shake, shake shake"
(shaking action with hands)
"Down to the ground"
(Points to the ground).

Sometimes we do this 4 times on Tuesday that is a recycling week!

We spent some time at school with Will.

Before we went to Kieran's school assembly.

He got a certificate for getting 6 A's in his final report last year- and just got pipped for top year 9 boy by his nemesis.

Tama packed a bag with all of life's essentials (a toy car, a small warthog and a yoghurt taker) and was apparently ready for school.

We celebrated Valentines day in a small way.

And spent (I kid you not) an hour and a half in the February sun watching concrete be poured. It's interesting... but I should have brought a seat for me too!

Les had a flying competition and we went down and checked out the action.

Australian Thermal Marker. (Pelican)

On the way to the flying I checked out the final closing last day ever sale of my fave little scrapbook store and scored myself a cheap paper rack. This lead to an almost complete reorganisation of my scrap room and quick Sunday mission to Ikea- totally negating the savings on the scrapbook gear the previous day.

I'll be there right on opening I thought.... get in before everyone gets there.... yeah right!

In my absence there was pancakes for breakfast!

Will practised his Jeti (Jedi) moves.

And scarily Tama practised his too.

In the clean-up of my scraproom I found my ever useless 4x6 photo printer and gave it to Will... finally a decent use for it.