Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tiny Tales from week 35

Week 35 seems so long ago now... as I type it's week 39 and I am in catch up mode after waiting till Les got back from NZ to work on my 365's.  This week was a weird one of waiting for things to happen- and kind of hoping that they didn't. Les left on Saturday for NZ to go and help Glenys and Royden.

Thank-you gift from Kieran's team for being their manager.

A cheap and friendly new toy for Tama (and Vienna and Ehren).

This is an almost everyday occurance.


Tama and I took a field trip to Mundaring Weir.

I took this one to show my Dad the vineyards that are very local to us.

A little art-ing after I moved the making table to the main living area.

A good result.

A smart cookie- he told the audiologist the names of the 'birds' he could hear in the headphones.

A stack of mail and presents for Les to take to NZ.

A spot of sport.

A couple of Crazies.

Static is not his friend- but it sure did make us laugh. :-)


365 Week 35


Monday, September 29, 2014

This week on the web: The 'It's My Party and I'll buy if I want to' edition.

So in two short days it's my birthday! Here's the wish list from the silly to the sublime:

1. Genuine Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappacino with two extra shots, caramel sauce lining the cup, lots of cream and lots of caramel sauce on top. Or 5.

2. Silhouette Cameo... permanent wish list item.

3. A Holiday on my own on a tropical island.

4. Books... no surprises there.

5. Scrapbooking supplies.... always needed (especially Christmas stuff).

6. Flowers.... especially green ones.

7. A large G or three .... awesome!

8. DVD's.... just a few favourites...

9. Some Vintage Camera's... because I already have one... why not a collection.

10. New Art work for my walls.... to brighten the brown and inspire creativity.

11. Some new clothes.... because I am in need!

12. More Vases for my collection....especially the wall vase- I'd never seen them before

13. A Macro Lens... for taking photos of flowers.

14. A can of Antimatter... why not?

 15. Some new Stamps, just for fun.

16. Some geeky stuff... I am what I am.


17. This House. 9 Trafalgar Court Lesmurdie WA 6076