Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Reptiles and other things...

For my half day off Les took the kids to the West Australian Reptile Park in Henley Brook.

Dad told you not to try and feed that bird.... but did you listen?

Les and Tama's Big Day Out!

Les took a day off recently so I could have some much needed kid free time during the day (what to do???). They did the school run and then went to the Dinosaur place- very much a favourite with Tama.

Then they headed north and checked out the Air Force Base. 

The stopped for snacks and a ride.

And then they were off to the reptile park when this happened and Les had to abandon his plans.

When Tama woke there was time for a late lunch of Ham-burbers and a play on the Maccas Play ground before they had to go pick up the kids.


Wrestling Stockley Style