Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Phone Photos

I got a new phone for Christmas and it has fun camera stuff on it... well I downloaded fun camera stuff. And it takes fairly good photos- I just need more time to play with it.

 Kieran get's serious value for money from his clothes! He's had this shirt for at least 3 years.

 So glad I never had multiples!!!

 "I'm sinking!"

 How to make playing the Wii look like thoughtful, intelligent work.

This is my phone wallpaper. I love it!

Delicious baby!

 His hair looks like something from the Alien movies!

Right Now

Right now I am:

~looking at my photos for the year so far... not a lot there to be inspired by. I need to do a photo project, day-in-the-life or something to get variety.
~ feeding Mr T
~loving the cooler weather.
~thankful for having spotted a great wee shop that sells haberdashery at the start of the month because I needed it today.
~inspired to roast up some vegies to make salads for me, Les and T.
~savoring my last day of a couple of bad habits.
~reading baby led weaning, a book on teen age boys, Scrapbooks etc magazine.
~swooning over my new computer.
~enjoying kindy days.
~listening to the great NZ song book disc 3.
~feeling tired, always tired.
~counting the minutes before kindy pick-up (36).
~tasting Cadbury marshmallow Easter eggs (pineapple lump flavour).
~wondering if Miss Wendy sorted her Rat problem without too much hassle.
~making a A frame tent with a vintage cotton sheet for my little boys.
~wishing I had a little more time to scrapbook.
~ hoping that Tamas cold is quick to pass.
~ glad I already walked today.

365 Week 8

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A year ago today...

We all have our where were you when stories... this is mine.

I had dropped Will off to his fourth ever day at Kindy and come home to find out from Les that there had been another big earthquake in Christchurch.

I turned on the TV and felt the wave of sickness roll over me. I sat stunned at the images of the CTV building, Pine Gould Guinness and the Cathedral for a few minutes and finally went to get my phone. I texted my Dad, Mum, brother and sister all simultaneously.

"Are you all ok?"

It was 35 long minutes before Sam texted back.

Sam: Who is this?
Me: It's your big sister? Is everyone alright?

20 more long minutes.

Sam: Gypsy or Caity?
Me: Gypsy you dork. Can you just tell me are you, Mum, Dad and Finn ok?

25 more long minutes.

Sam: Oh yeah, we're all fine.

I talked with Sylvia later that evening on the phone. They had no power and no water and my dad was still at work. With no power they had no images of the devastation in the city and no real concept of how major it was. I tried to explain, there really are no words that convey those images. But I think the emotion in my voice probably was the best indicator.

Everyone has their own stories. Mine has a happy ending. For many, many others, including my family, the story is ongoing. It's those people I am thinking of today. I love you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm behind, again.

I have finally managed to get Tama to have his day time sleeps in his bed. Hooray we all say.

But lets examine this more closely.

Before: Tama needed to sleep. I fed him. He went to sleep.

Opt 1: Put Tama in bed, Tama wakes up immediately. Tama misses out on much needed sleep. Tama ends up chronically tired by end of day. Tama takes forever to get down for night. Gypsy nearly has mental breakdown (the minor sort- not the pysch help needed sort.)

Opt 2. Gypsy stays on couch with sleeping Tama. Tama gets sleep. Gypsy loses 3+ hours of day to sitting under hot sweaty baby. Tama goes to bed nicely at 7:30pm. Nothing gets done. Unless Gypsy stays up really late. Gypsy gets chronically tired. Gypsy nearly has mental breakdown (the minor sort- not the pysch help needed sort.)

Now: Tama needs to sleep. I feed him. I make him stay awake. I put him in bed and sit with him sometimes for almost an hour. Tama goes to sleep. I stay an extra 5 minutes just to make sure. I rush around like a madwoman getting Will snacks, sweeping-the-god-damned-floor, and various other necessary and unnecessary (blogging and anything to do with photos- the stuff that keeps me sane- oh wait- does that make them necessary?) jobs. Tama wakes at the 42 minute point. I spend 15 or so minutes patting him back to sleep. 5 minutes just making sure. And then rush around again. Tama wakes at the 42 minute mark. I congratulate him on what a fantastic job of sleeping he has done. Afternoon naps are more complicated by school runs, outings and unplanned sleeps in the car. Either way it takes longer to get him settled. And he sleeps less.

****F%$#!******** Can you guess? He woke up, not 15 minutes into the first sleep of the day. It took 25 minutes to get him back to sleep again!

So where were we? Yes afternoons are average to poor. And that leads to evenings. The last couple of nights I have left him after an hour of wailing (him) and patting and singing (me). I've left him still crying and Les has taken over the patting and singing. I've walked out of the room both fuming mad, and desperately contemplating a long walk off a short pier, quite possibly with the baby in arms.  And of course exhausted, too tired to even contemplate watching TV let alone doing something useful or even enjoyable I might as well go to bed except I want so much to be able to do something that I want to do. Read: Gypsy nearly has mental breakdown (the minor sort- not the pysch help needed sort.)

Will needs a snack. 

I have to go.

This is probably one of the most depressing blog posts I have ever written, I'd like to say there's some redemption, a silver lining, or happy ending. So that if some other desperate mother at the end of her parenting rope who has stumbled upon this as she sits weary under a sleeping baby doesn't just find a kindred spirit but also finds hope.

I'm sorry honey. There is no hope here, all hope is lost.

Let's just cling teeth gritted and fingernails digging in to the lift raft that is "This too will pass."


I hope.

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I've always wanted to write a Manifesto

And now I have! I took Leo's Simple Living Manifesto and modified it for my own life. It's long and not particularly Simple and I can see the irony in that but most of it is stuff I already know/practice but just want to be more mindful of. It also helps me focus more on my word for the year: Simple.

Manifesto for a Simple Life

The 5 most important things.
·        Family
·        Home
·        Health and Well being
·        Me- relax, fulfil, think.
·        “Wealth”

Simplicity Statement.
·        I spend quality time engaged with my family in a positive and fun way.
·        My home is relaxing, welcoming, peaceful and a place where we enjoy living.
·        I am eating well and moving daily.
·        I spend time each day doing what I love: creating, reading, writing, thinking and relaxing.
·        We are creating wealth by being content with and using what we have.
  1. Commitments- Keep it as it is now.
  2. Use time wisely.
·        Switch Off
·        Slow down
·        Routines and habits
·        Get sleep
  1. Simplify home tasks.
·        Routines
·        Delegate
  1. Say no. (Don’t take on any outside scrapbooking, for anyone!)
  2. Limit communications. Switch off. Set a schedule and stick to it.
  3. Limit media consumption Switch off. Set a schedule and stick to it.
  4. Purge  stuff. Be mindful of the unneeded.
  5. Declutter digitally. Be mindful of the unneeded.
  6. Limit my buying habits. Stay home. Be organised. Keep lists. Wait and think.
  7. Free up time. Switch off.
  8. Do what I love. Create, Play, Read, Write and Think
  9. Spend time with people I love. Play, talk, teach, sit.
  10. Spend time alone.
  11. Eat slowly.
  12. Move slowly. Each day remember: there is no hurry.  
  13. Be present. Keep my thoughts on the present.
  14. Streamline my life. Routines and Habits. Stay home.
  15. Create a simple system for house work. Clean-as-you-go, 30 minute burst cleaning, and ready-for-bed house.
  16. Maintain routines. Planning and timetable.
  17. Live frugally. Want less, buy less. Use more.
  18. Know what “enough” is. We have enough.
  19. Eat healthy. Fresh, simple.
  20. Exercise. Daily. Together if possible.
  21. Maintain inner simplicity. Think. Relax. Keep thoughts in the present. Be mindful.
  22. Create. Write. Make. Cook.
  23. My only goal is to live well.
  24. Retain Composure. Pause, breathe, consider, act.
  25. Live life more deliberately. Do every task slowly, with ease, paying full attention to what I’m doing.
  26. Make a Most Important Tasks (MITs) list each day. Set just 3 very important things I will accomplish each day.
  27. Create morning and evening routines.
·        Muck in
·        Clean and clear
·        Time together
  1. Always ask: Will this simplify my life? If the answer is no, reconsider.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am writing a Scrapbooking 101

On my other blog where I share my creative stuff. So if you ever thought you might like to start scrapbooking you might like to check them out HERE.

365 2012 Week 5

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I want to remember...

... the way I saw the world on Wednesday.

Before we moved to Perth I spent a lot of hours looking at it on Google Earth. And I mean A LOT of hours. I looked at rental house after rental house, and I looked at some of the ones for sale as well. I looked at schools and I looked a little bit at some of the cooler stuff as well. Things is, when you look at stuff on a flat screen- you tend to think of it as flat.

Perth is not flat.

I generally felt pretty lost on my first few weeks driving around the city. I had a picture in my head of the map and I could see things as up and down and left and right and it just didn't translate in my head once I was on the road and it was north and south, east and west. I was totally confused by my perception and the reality.

In that first couple of weeks as we looked for a place to live- we were looking specifically at places and how to get there and not so much the in between and round about. I remember one house we considered was on Hale Road. We came at it from another house in the same suburb and it seemed pretty quiet and like an ok place to live. Now that I travel up Hale Road a few times each week along with half of my neighbours to go to the shopping centre I know that Hale Rd  would not be a quiet place to live!

I was so overwhelmed by everything that was going on that I could only focus on one thing at at time. I failed to take in my surroundings and all the peripheral stuff as well.

Perth can warp your sense of perception too. There are so many green areas and little pockets of farm land or swamp land or bush that some areas can feel quite rural and then you drive a block to find yourself dumped squarely back in the lap of suburbia.

Even in our street if you stood in the middle of the road a few houses down looking to the other side of our road you'd see the school and a lot of houses all between new and maybe 5 or so years old. And turn around and you'd see a metal track leading who knows where beside a farm with sheep, chickens, cattle and goats. Complete with a old school wind mill and water tank. What you don't realise is beyond the four paddocks you can see, suburbia is creeping in and there are two major highways converging just beyond that clump of ever present Eucalyptus.

What this has meant for me is that that feeling that you get when you drive somewhere new and come round a corner that brings a magical vista into view has been and gone. And now the everyday, the going to shops, walking to school and whipping down the highway for photos is tarnishing my rosy first view. It's altering how I feel about the place I live- not necessarily in a bad way, just different.

Something that I like to do here is to head off into the unknown. So on Wednesday after Will told me he was exhausted and Tama failed to go to sleep as expected we jumped into the car for a 'drive'.

Now when I say drive, what I mean is. I'm going to leave the air con off for a while so it is quite warm, I'm going to turn the music up a little and claim that it is 'quiet time'- just for thinking and looking. And YOU my darling sons will drift peacefully off to sleep.

We stopped for Milk at the garage and then journeyed on and 2 minutes later as we climbed the Lesmurdie Hill Wills eyelids were getting heavy. And by the time we made it up to the turn off for Kieran's school they were closed more often than they were open. And a minute or so later he was completely out to it. Tamas car seat is rear facing so I can't see him but I don't think he would have been awake much longer if at all.

I could have turned around and gone home. Parked the car up, carefully lifted Will into his bed. And taken Tama into my arms for a drink that would have sustained his sleep. But I wanted to adventure and so I drove on. Into uncharted territory.

Uncharted territory known as Pickering Brook.

There's very little there. A general store on your way into the valley. A truck mechanic with cool old school signage. A smattering of houses and Pickering Brook school.

The rest of the area is bush... read: gum trees. And orchards.

It is beautiful.


It felt warm and inviting. Sleepy, but summery bright. It felt full of life but totally calm. It was friendly. And if you could have eaten it it would have been a fresh crisp apple, green with rosy patches, not too sweet and not too tart, the kind that sprinkles you face with tiny droplets of apple juice as you bite in- so that you catch it's aroma as you eat.

The rows of fruit trees spread out in uniform lines reaching long emerald arms towards the bush with it's darker bottle greens and the mottled browns and greys of the up stretched trunks and limbs of the gum trees. Fruit peeped and glittered with potential from amongst the branches. And the scene was repeated over and over into the far reaches of the valley that spanned in front of me.

A field of sunflowers was a buttery surprise as I turned a corner. And a welcoming homestead straight out of an oil painting or a song... a home among the gum trees....

Let me reiterate- it was beautiful.

Now that I've seen it. I won't see it like that again. My perspective will be altered by familiarity. Don't get me wrong, it will still be beautiful- but it won't be strikingly beautiful because I've already been struck. By seeing it for the first time I've already altered my perspective.

But it's a gift.

Eventually I turned back. Burning petrol for sight seeing isn't the most frugal idea and I had in mind some plans I might be able to execute if the boys stayed asleep on our return home. As I drove I composed this post and once more my perspective shifted.

How incredibly lucky I am to be living in a new place with discoveries up almost every road.

And how fortunate to have two sweet exhausted boys, driving me crazy with their inability to cope with life when running low on energy. Without them I would have stayed at home. I would most likely have hung washing, surfed the net, or sorted out dinner... or perhaps I might even have been at work of some kind or other.

But instead their needs and my job, as their mum, to fulfil those needs took me on a most amazing journey, an adventure, to a most splended and delightful place and changed my perspective, for the better, forever. 

Which is lucky, because they both woke up when the garage door went up, little stinkers.

Single Photo Saturday- Double Shot! :-)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Round-Up~ January 2012

On our bookshelf this month....
Les; mostly forums and stuff online. Gypsy: Magazines; scrapping and Healthy Food Guide, Kieran: Harry Potter, again, Merenia: Horsey Books and Girls Stuff, Will: Octonauts and others, Tama: Spot.
Loving on the box....
Documentary about Cabramatta, The Good Wife, Merenia brought National Velvet and The Railway Children on DVD, Octonauts and Harry Potter, Dr Who. Les and Merenia went to see The War Horse.
For you...For me?
I should have got my act sorted for Caitlins Birthday but didn't. The kids made some purchases on Fishpond, Wii and Octonauts etc but they have yet to arrive. Luke's fake birthday presents. We got lovely Christmas Pressies from the Corsans. New clothes in the summer sales for almost everyone.

Germs and bugs and botherations....
Everyone got a coldy flu-ey thing! (Kieran started it!) Tama was teething. I got Mastitis and was horribly, horribly ill.
Today was good today was fun, tomorrow is another one...

Lots going on this month:
  • Chocolate Run to K's friends in Lesmurdie
  • Caversham Wild life Park for Les and 3 kids
  • Scrapping day for G&T
  • Checked out the playground at Kings Park
  • Awesome Lightning Storms
  • Kieran went to Cottesloe Beach with a school friend.
  • Merenia had a sleepover across the road.
  • Trip to Fremantle and South Beach
  • Merenia went to Kalamunda Pools with Bel and the girls and slept over.
  • Saw Bubble Wrap and Boxes in Mandurah.
  • Had Lukes Fake Birthday Party- complete with the chocolate game.
  • Talked to Aneil and Alyssa on Skype.
  • Ran around in some fountains in the city (G, W and T)
  • Op shopping
  • Australia Day
  • Learned some Hula Hoop basics

Yum, yum, yum....

PIE day! Luke's Fake Birthday dinner, Christy and Lukes Curry nights! Coffee, iced and otherwise. Banana Bread!

'It was on sale'....

Dining Table and Hall table. A3+ Printer 
Les got himself a new phone.
New Highchair for Tama for the price of an expensive box of beer.
2012 Moon Calendar


Getting Mastitis on the day Les and I were planning on spending together (with Tama) after 76 months of breastfeeding and 6 months into feeding the boy- WTF??


I walked each day for 16 days in a row.


Kids got their Back acc's
Tama had another appointtment with the Paed
Will finished up at Kids Inn
Heat wave and highest recorded Temps in 32 years in Perth
Kieran got a hair cut
We discovered a Frog in our backyard

You know who's good idea this was? Katie The Scrapbook Lady. Go check out her list of tasks to do at the end of each month as well.

Flora on Friday

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And then....

I got down on the floor to take photos of T the other day and apparently that was quite exciting so he started 'humpfing' his way over to me (hasn't quite got the crawling down yet). And then....

 "Oh look Wills watching something on TV with music and flashy lights"

"Hey Mum's getting down on the floor with me, sweet I'll go see her"

"Damn stop backing up and moving away from me so you can take photos mum"

 "Oh is she stopping?"

"Yay she is"

 "Here I come mum!"

"I'm coming faster now"

"I'm almost there"

 "Here I...."




Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's nothing like a....

....newly rearranged scraproom to get you in the mood to create! A few weeks back I brought a second hand A3+ Printer- this means I can now print directly onto a 12x12in scrapbook page- way cool! Thing is it's bloody HUGE! So I employed my brain and came up with a creative solution. The solution involved a quick trip to Ikea today- where else?? I grabbed a smallish table and some other bits while I was there and used my February rent cheque hooray!

 And then what I thought would be a lengthy process of shifting two full bookcases, one full cupboard and the change table that was also full of crafty stuff....  actually all came together very fast and looks heaps better, works much better and has me dying to scrapbook. (Thanks Les xoxo).

At this point I should mention that the printer isn't on the new table.... and in fact we're planning on getting another ($10) table to go under the new table to put the printer on. But my sewing machine and my die cutter are open and accessible on the new table and the smaller A4 Printer will get moved there too when we get a longer cable.

Today was in general a bit hit and miss. It all came down to planning or lack of and timing or lack of it. Oh and food... lunch with Les today or cheap cooked breakfast at Ikea tomorrow? (we went with lunch). Finally deciding that we were going to Ikea half wake through a 'Tama awake session' was bad timing. Catching Will before he poked his brother in the eye with a ballpoint pen as I was loading the stuff in the back of the car at Ikea was good timing. Parking really close to the loading zone at Ikea was good planning on my part. Attempting to wound his baby brother was bad planning on Wills part- and lead to me canning the lunch plans and heading straight home. Turning up the stereo at  that point was good timing for me as Will set about doing the wailing and howling that Tama was fortunate to not have to do due to narrowly avoiding the pen. Will fell asleep just before the tunnel on the Graham Farmer Freeway- more bad timing because he loves the tunnel.

It was terrible timing when they both woke up just as we got home. And a total lack of planned activity for the afternoon, plus three decent phone calls to NZ meant that Will reeked havoc and Tama was particularly unsettled.

When chaos abounds the best option is to get the hell out of there. So we also took an unplanned trip to the hardware store today with a small set of plans and got sorted out by a lovely kiwi by the name of Joe. I am now the proud owner of a spade bit that matches the width of the copious amounts of dowel that I hope to put to good use tomorrow with Wills help and Tamas cooperation. Or perhaps it'd be better if I regained my sanity and didn't attempt DIY with a 4 year old and his 7 month old brother... we'll see how I'm feeling when the sun rises.

As well as DIY tomorrow, we'll probably spend a bit of time around the corner as they are pouring the footing for one house and laying the bricks on another- exciting stuff for four year olds! And we'll be waiting on a lady who is picking up a pushchair. We'll squeeze a walk in somewhere and no doubt spend some time sleeping in the case of the baby.

I'm hoping for more composure on all sides, better planning and some awesome timing. Have a great day!

I'm not writing about what I love.

I've just been reading my own blog. In particular the posts tagged with "Children's Books". Those are some good posts- because I'm writing about what I love! I started reading them because I want to write a book review good enough for the World's Strongest Librarian to put it on his blog.

I found the blog via Ali Edwards Creative Lifts email newsletter on the weekend and oh my what goodness lies amongst it's pages... who knew that Kettlebells could be so interesting? Not me that's for sure. I love his posts on creativity. I'm looking forward to reading the whole series on Tourette's- which my grandfather was aflicted with. And the Dewey Lunatic Project reminds me when I read the Dunedin Public Library Children's section from A to Z (just the novels not the picture books). I have to say I am totally enamoured by the guy. I love the way he thinks, I love what he thinks about and I just love that he stops and thinks. He thinks about all the thinks you can think. Not just everyday thinks and what is that stink thinks? Not what is for dinner thinks or shall we have drinks thinks. He thinks, he thinks, thinks thinks thinks!

Me too! Oh my goodness, I am thinking things all the time! My mind is full of thinks, today I have thought about:
  • Clouds in Perth their astounding variety and impactful presence. Perth doesn't just do clouds. Perth does CLOUDS Baby CLOUDS!
  • I designed the ultimate beach house for down behind my Nanas crib so the family can go stay hang with Nana but not get in her face- she gets GOLS- Grumpy Old Lady Syndrome.
  • I figured what I would most want to pack in my bags if I was to go work in a Thai Orphanage for a couple of weeks.
  • I thought about classical music and how you could design a CD series that could take you through a day (in particular a school day) with the right types and tempos of music for everything you do.... upbeat for clean-up, soothing for reading time and so on.
  • I thought about a huge list of reasons I am a great resource for Wills teacher. 
  • I thought some more on my top ten things to do before you leave Auckland.
  • I wrote the better part of a blog post on starting scrapbooking in my head. 
  • I thought heaps about curiosity and how it is the 'Wonder of wonder'. 
  • I thought of a bunch a cool status updates for Facebook that might inspire people to have a better day.
  • I thought of a cool one day project where you set you alarm to go off every hour from the time you wake up and when it does you stop and notice something above, below or beside you that hadn't already been in your frame of reference before that. Then you could blog it or facebook it as a way to share and remember it.

 And a whole bunch more that I can't  recall right now. And after all that thinking I read Josh's post about wanting some more people to write for his blog, especially book reviews. And I pulled out the books that I'd like to review. And then I looked back through my blog at what I had already written about them and I read what I wrote and how I wrote it and I realised I'm not writing on this blog about what I love, or if I am I'm not writing it in a way I love. I'm editing for normality.

What the heck?

When did I decide that the blog needed to make me look normal? Why did I decide that my voice should sound normal? I laugh in the face of normal, I've never harboured any desire to be anything even remotely like normal. I pride myself on the absolute abnormality of my brain and my thinking. And yet here I am being boring and normal and looking boring and normal everyday on my blog. Seriously. I may look like a house wife and mother of 5 living in suburbia on the outside- but on the inside I'm far from it. And now with that realisation in my head I hope to return to my irregular programming as much as possible from this point on. I can't say that I'll take the time to write like me every day and I'm keeping my three easy long weekend posts because I need my time for thinking, creating, adventuring, and exploring the world with my both my mind and with my little boys (and the big kids too some days) and I need time with Les and I want my life to be Simple.

And I want my life to be simply amazing.

Love, Me.

Oh and by the way I'm going to try and write that book review, even though the idea of it makes me nervous as hell- even though I'm awesome.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Peace of a sort

I'm supposed to be sorting photos I have about 5 weeks worth to go through- the 600 or so we took at Christmas are slowing me down. (Read: Making me procrastinate.)

But Will has been dropped off for his first full day of 'kindy at school' and I have done my walk for today. Tama is still asleep in the pushchair meaning I have a moment of peace.

Not that it's very peaceful- my mind is a buzz. It's been like that since we got here and I haven't really had much time to sit down and write in a state where I am not purely exhausted from a day hanging with a 4 year old and a 7 month old. Did you read that- I have a 7 month old.... it seems not that long ago that I was settling into life in Perth with a 4 month old! That said it also feels like a million years ago that I had a newborn! Those memories are fading fast and I need to get them down on paper sooner rather than later or they will be all but gone.

I'm glad to be back into term time- life is reaching some sort of normality and we can see what our new routines will look like... I hope this space in the morning after the get to work and school rush is over will be a part of those routines.

I was thinking last night about what would happen if we won this weekends 30 million dollar powerball draw and could afford to retire. Would we come 'home'? I found that the answer was no. We're happy here. It is home for the time being and there's so much we have yet to learn about the place. On the day we left NZ I was mentally composing a '10 things to do before you leave Auckland" list in my head... hopefully it will be a future blog post. Right now I only have a list of one thing to do before you leave Perth. I think when we get to the point that we have things clamouring to make our top ten- then we'll be ready to think about leaving.

We've yet to do much exploring of the city and surrounds but we'll get there and I think a lot of it will come as we do other things like attend Glider Comps and School camps and such. (Although Kieran's School camps all seem to consist of places like Ruapehu, Victoria and Italy!!)

One thing we've been trying to do is find some fresh water to swim in- it's funny in a city that defines itself by SOR and NOR (South and North of the Swan river) and has two great rivers running through it that the place to swim is at the beach- beach for us means a 30 minute drive, blazing hot sun, wind-a-rama and sand in.... well you know where the sand gets in- everywhere. So we're looking for fresh water- a swimming hole- but no one seems to know where that might be. I ask a lot of people- check out operators, kindy teachers, neighbours and so forth- I'm sure they all think I'm nuts.

We're are finally fully sorted at home with Les completing the last job on the weekend- which was to gather up the last of the builders rubble down the side of the house. I'm not sure why that was our job but nobody else seemed to care and we wanted it to look tidy. It's now just a big sandy strip... I've been looking at all the weeds and wild flowers growing on the verges and such when I've been out walking and considering how I can bring some home to plant- they obviously don't need retic which is a plus because it's dry down there and we don't want to be spending any more on water!

Talking about walking I can now proudly say that I have walked 22 days in a row. I can't say it's got much easier physically and it's not having any impact on my weight- due to my bodies efficiency at storing energy to feed the poor starving baby. (Not). But it is a lot easier mentally there's a lot less of the bargaining and cajoling to just stay on the couch than there was at the start. And a lot less of my brain suggesting that due to one excuse or another I should just do a 'short walk' it's a lot less satisfying to come home having only done 20 minutes than the days where I've done 30 or days like Saturday when Les and I took both little boys out and almost did an hour.

I'm still on the look out for snakes when I walk I'm not sure if I'll ever stop looking, not because I'm particularly worried  but more because I don't know, and also because I really want to see a live one in the wild. It's a weird feeling of not knowing if you need to be worried or not. The week before last I found a redback spider on the door frame and I almost feel more relaxed about spiders than I did before... it was like the not knowing if I needed to be vigilant was more energy than actually knowing that I do.

I'm going to finish up now even though I feel like I could write for a couple of hours! But I am trying to simplify our lives this year and I need to spend a bit of time focusing on just what that will look like for us and what it will mean I need to do. And this space with Tama STILL asleep is perfect for figuring.

I'm determined that I will write again soon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Miracle of the Modern World

These photos are old- over a month old.... but I still think it's worth noting just how good it was and just how relieved we were on the 19th of December 2011- when our Air Conditioning went in. And in the last week where Perth has been basking in a 40deg + heat wave there have been many, many days where we have been very thankful for it.... over and over again!