Monday, June 30, 2014

This week on the web....


Single Tasking is the new multi-tasking. Just for fun.

On I Quit Sugar: Nutritional Bodies Funded by 'Big Sugar'.

Don't eat 'healthy' eat nutritious. 

I've been trying to find some more sugar free ideas for the kids lunches a couple of cool lists in the Little Bento Blog.

Some interesting numbers here: Which country does the most good for the planet. Even more reasons to move to Finland.

Talking about the Planet, ever wondered what would happen if it stopped spinning?

For Scrappy friends who'd like to be part of an online community: The new Paperclipping Forums.

Toss Productivity Out: Not getting organised struck a chord with me... that's the best argument for simplifying I ever heard.

Free play is nature’s means of teaching children that they are not helpless. In play, away from adults, children really do have control and can practice asserting it. In free play, children learn to make their own decisions, solve their own problems, create and abide by rules, and get along with others as equals rather than as obedient or rebellious subordinates.

Ideas for working on your awesomeness

At Mark's Daily Apple: Do You Really Believe You Can Change?

A blog I really enjoyed but haven't had a chance to catch up on recently is Peter Gray's Freedom to Learn at Psychology Today. And he has a TedX talk here.

I rather like Dr Libby she's full of good advice, like the Science and Impact of Rushing.

Next week I am hoping to find some time to watch the How to be Awesome Videos at The Alison Show.

 And because this post needs more pretty stuff check out: The Long White Kid Packaging Board at Pinterest.

And now for some Etsy Goodness....

I'm still a fan of paisley... Crochet Paisley even better!

 Loving this book plate from Book Plate Ink

 More Crochet... this is something to have another baby for... Hungry Caterpillar so cute!

ExLibris Studio has a huge array of stunning bookplates!

Oiseaux has these lovely vintage style bookplates I love the Little Black Sambo one!


Nutritional bodies funded by Big Sugar
Nutritional bodies funded by Big Sugar
Nutritional bodies funded by Big Sugar

Mindfully Monday

Source:  Mae Handmade

Source: Shambhala Sun

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Presently- 29-6-14


~ looking at photos from the past few weeks- I'm a little behind.
~ listening to the paper clipping roundtable.
~ relieved that the crazy week is over.
~ hoping for a little peace this week- just me and Tama.
~ seeing the effects of winter and all the wet on our yard.
~ wondering at how we can cheaply heat our lounge.
~ dreaming of a tropical holiday.
~ loving #100Happydays- it's a cool project.
~ thankful for the little things.
~ inspired by the new Paperclipping scrapbooking forums.
~ savouring hot crumpets with melted butter.
~ reading
Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
~ swooning over giant metal letters on Etsy.
~ going to stay home as much as possible this week.
~ feeling overwhelmed by some new knowledge of old stuff.
~ tasting Rooibos Tea
~ ever grateful for Les and his home-making efforts.
~ trusting myself.
~ wishing for a log fire.
~ anticipating watching Merenia play music at school this week.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This week on the web....

Super cute printable neighbourhood at small for big...

Download a very cool historic 78-page children's drawing book for free.

 And some rather cool printable seed packets.

If you like design and/or numbers this Ted talk is pretty cool: David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization.

Digital Templates are not something I usually buy but I love these ones by Valorie Wibbens at the Lily Pad. I am hoping to get a page done with one over the weekend.

I am planning on making these for Tama's Birthday: 

But intending that they'll look a bit more like this...

 If you like scrapping especially Art Journalling and Project Life then you might like Caylee Grey.

Some thoughts on Balancing your Hormones at any age from Sarah at I quit Sugar.

Dr Libby's A-Z of Winter Wellness.... this post updates as more letters are added.

I'm trying to come up with some ideas for sugar free lunch boxes and I'm getting some inspiration here.

Some Food for thought: Scott Adam's Secret to Success: Failure.

A rather cool infographic about punctuation.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid week Wonderful ~

I'm grateful that... Tama's Birthday afternoon tea went off without a hitch and that we have such lovely people in our community.

I'm thankful to be inspired by... getting my head sorted.

I'm lovely three year old.

I'm loving... the wheatbag and it's delicious warmth.

I'm looking forward to.... spring, it's been altogether too cold in our house.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A long story of Construction....

 It's interesting to note there are very few stories that we read that actually start with Once upon a time.... Neither Les nor I can remember reading any recently.

Tama Month 36


On the eve of three: an interview.

 It's Tama's 3rd birthday here is a brief interview I conducted with him at bedtime last night.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Presently- 22-6-14


~ looking at Strawberry Macaron recipes
~ listening to the Art of Simple Podcast
~ relieved that Tama's Birthday is coming together.
~ hoping this cold goes away by Tuesday afternoon.
~ wondering if I have time to interview my boy tomorrow amidst baking and other such things.
~ loving having some new clothes.
~ thankful for the internet goodness that abounds.
~ inspired by Peppa Pig.
~ savouring strawberry cheesecake chocolate.
~ reading The Master of the Books
~ going to enjoy three and make the most of everyday we have left before Kindy.
~enjoying meeting my 10,000 step target most days.
~ feeling nervous, I'm so rubbish at hosting people in my house it stresses me out no end.
~ counting sleeps with the almost birthday boy.
~ tasting slow cooker cooked whole chicken.... not impressed will have to try something different next time.
~ wishing that I could remember more of Tama's babyhood.
~ anticipating some scrapbooking very soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tiny Tales from Week 21

I feel like I have been living in a laundry after 7 months of summer abruptly ended with a big fat holy wet and cold winter (the worst we've had in the last three years) we have had three racks of washing in our living room most days. It hasn't helped at all that Will has had school swimming over this time and so I was pretty much washing every school day.

I don't usually let Tama anywhere near the computer (ipod, ipad, wii or playstation) but just for a change I let 'do letter and numbers' this day. He totally loved it!

On this day he told me he wasn't very well... so when he went to sleep I let him. He woke after 3+ hours around 6:30- happy as larry, not a sign of sickness and then proceeded to stay awake until after 11pm!


Eatings in my cheese.

Skip Bin delivery... it came full which was kind of cool because we got to see them empty it.

Tama and Kieran played hide and seek. Tama stood in the pantry and assured me that Kieran wasn't in the Pantry... um.

These two are very cool together. Tama thinks he's the most awesome big brother and will seriously miss Kieran when he heads off to university in 2016.

I'm trying to find a suitable spot to take Tama's 11:31 photos but everywhere in the house that is lightish has a very busy background and everywhere that's not too busy is too dark.

On the weekend we filled the skip between showers and hockey and such. It was so good to get it done. We can get up to 3 skips each year in our shire (they replace the inorganic and organic collections they previously did). You can choose green for green waste or red for general waste. We get an added extra green one heading into the fire season at the end of the year because the land our house is on is so big. I don't think we'll use all four anyway but it's a cool option because you can basically choose when you get it- and burning the branches and leaves was such a hassle.

Annaliese came over and stayed the night when she subbed in for Merenia's netball team.

We finally had a day decent enough to play in the sandpit!!

Merenia practised camera avoidance poorly.

All the rain has made lots of green appear where there was previously only dirt, sand and stones.

I'm looking forward to seeing the hidden gems in the garden.

This is seriously stunning to me the area was full sand when we came and checked out this place for the first time in November last year and stayed that way till May... and now it's just amazing!

All full up and waiting for collection.

Noah and Bel came over to visit- which was very cool.

We got super cool mail from Lisa, Wendy and Vienna.

Pam got her dates confused and came over with a 'late' birthday present for Tama- which was actually almost a month early. :-)

She then declared that she's wants to be the boy's Perth based Nana- we think that's pretty damn cool!

Tama and I were very please to see the truck come and empty our bin!

One day....

there was this puddle at school.....

and well....

we couldn't resist.

Tama getting his outer nerd on. :-)