Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tiny Tales from Week 42

I had a bit of a clean out this week- we are now totally done FOREVER with lidded cups and baby bottles and spoons. Weird- but good.

Who knew an empty sauce bottle could be so much fun.

Tama has entered the 'danger baby' stage. His confidence out weighs his ability. And I'm growing tired of saying: "Be careful with your body!

Discovered one of the local super markets has a 'New Zealand' section.

We had a couple of days that were in the 30's so water it was.....

I played with the camera apps on my phone while we were driving home from shopping.


Will got his face painted at the markets- no surprises for guessing what he's into at the moment.

This week I did my week in the life documenting- it was hard. So we have lots of photos of everyday stuff. By Thursday I had fallen off the wagon with the writing and by the weekend I had completely gone off the wagon and took about 6 photos over the two days. I'm not all that happy with the way life is right now- that makes it hard to get enthusiastic about documenting it.

Monday mornings Kieran is getting up at some ungodly hours to watch American Football.

One of the things that was hardest about documenting the week was the absence and/or reluctance of teenagers in the house.

He's Darth Vader. (also known as darth day-day at our place)

Most days I stay on at school in the morning and cut the fruit for 'crunch and sip'.

Will filled a reward card at school and got to choose from the prize box.

We do drive-by's on the new place now a fantasize about how good it's going to be- and try and not think about how hard moving will be.

We gathered supplies from Ikea- I was a little underwhelmed by this years Christmas offerings which were up in store.

Tama wants the 'Mummy' dog for his dog- which is one of those smaller ones on the left.

Les also joined in on documenting for week in the life.

Lunch- we share the mousse. :-)

Collected purchases- replacement water table and blankets for our couch. Ready to roll & bake ginger bread. Christmas postcards to send to my sister. Meatballs and gravy to cook at home. Wrapping paper, serviettes and 2 smaller plastic boxes which are too big for their intended task so will have to go back..... oh darn another trip to Ikea. :-)

Will having a turn talking to Grandad. Tama called him to ask him to buy the mummy dog- he thinks Grandad is Santa Claus- I have no idea why.

Bedtime snuggles.

365 Week 42


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tiny Tales from Week 41

This was the second week of the school holidays. We were still just hanging around.

Tama had a one day fever and vomitty bug- this seems to be his 'thing'.

When he wasn't sick he was playing Lego games with Will. Will has an elaborate set of rules for these games- I'm not sure I'd understand if I had the energy to listen to them all- I know Tama doesn't. I guess that's why Will always wins. :-)

Will had a treat on the Saturday night- we set up Les' Laptop so he could watch Doctor Who in bed. Well we sold it as a treat anyway. In actual fact we wanted him in bed earlier as we've become addicted to Game of Thrones and it is definitely not kid friendly- so early to bed for Will meant more episodes for us. :-)

The first of the sweetpeas are flowering- when I do the planting work in April I completely underestimate just how good it will be in the spring. :-)

And the weather is finally starting to warm-up so we got outside with some water- hooray!!!