Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

365 Week 47


Tiny Tales from Week 47

This week was the second week of school swimming and I was totally over doing laundry everyday so that her togs were clean and ready for the next day! We spent a relatively quiet week at home playing outside and in. It was another hot one!

Will got Happy Mail from Christy again and Tama enjoyed it too....


Tama got himself into a tricky situation... there's a reason why this kid already has the work "Stuck" in his vocabulary.

Thursday with a case of melting cabin fever we headed to Maylands and went for a swim. This is a super cool pool complex for the smaller set. They have two splash pads- one with a fountain like spinkler and one that has just water about 5cm deep that small-small people can crawl around. They have one of those little concrete rivers that flows around the pace and a couple of waterfalls. And then 3 pools 23cm, 30cm and 60cm deep. (These pics are from the 23cm pool). They also have 2 playgrounds one for toddlers and one for slightly bigger kids. And mini golf. You have to pay extra for the mini golf but just to swim was $7 for the two of us and Tama was free- super cheap for Perth.

Tama took good care of his baby. Who Will had stripped down for the hot weather!

We found joy for $2 at the mall.

Friday saw some relaxing on the couch.

I was happy to find this guy (or girl) in the garden one evening. One day at the start of the year our neighbour came over to complain about the 'noise' coming from our backyard after dark. After he came I tried to find the frog with the idea of relocating him because we were also getting a little tired of the noise. I didn't find the frog but the noise did stop, so I was a little worried that I had hurt him.
He is a Moaning Frog and you can go here to see what noise he makes in Autumn when he's trying to pick-up chick frogs.

Saturday me and the big lad hit Perth Hockey Stadium to use the tickets that Kieran won to the 9's Super Series Day 3. 


The Hockey was cool especially the first game India Vs. Pakistan- they had some pretty good support in the crowd and the game was fast and furious. We were backing India and they won by a pretty good margin. 

The lady's games were a bit slower. Hockeyroo's vs. Jillaroos (U21) was a 1-1 draw.
Then the Hockeyroos thrashed Malaysia (the 2 own goals didn't help).

The last game was the Kookaburras Vs. England- I expected England to be better- they weren't. The weather we we arrived was overcast. We saw lightning during the first game and then got spots of rain. But then the sun came out in full WA force and I was glad we had sunscreen on. It was defintely the day for snow cones.....


 Meanwhile back at home....

The day ended with an awesome full scale Lightning STORM.

 And that's how the sun set on another week in sunny Perth.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

365 Week 46

Tiny Tales from Week 46

This week we encountered one of the bad guys we share out neighbourhood with- he was hanging out under one of the kids slides!! Since I have found two more, the first one was relocated but the other two were not so fortunate.

The weather has been super good lately and we are taken advantage of the sunshine to get outside and play before it gets just too hot.....


All this leads to exhausted boys who go to bed early....

And then sleep late....


Merenia brought some cool roses to thank the judges in the Talent show that she and her friends ran at school. 

I was surprised by this dude when I went to hang the washing!

Friday we hit the mall for a bit of shopping and saw this very cool dude dressed head to toe in Green from The Sound of Music Era!

And then we went to Scitech which made both my boys very, very, happy!

Saturday Merenia and I hit the hairdressers, and then the Kiwi Shop, and then Armadale Mall for dress shopping....

(Love a  new haircut photo)

We got this one (I love it wish it was in my size).

And this one for Graduation it is apparently "The Gold Sequinned Dress of My Dreams".
Her dreams, not my dreams. Then of course we needed to get the underwear, shoes and jewellery to match.

And that was the week.