Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Tales Untold 2012 Week 17

This week was half holidays and 2 days of school as well as ANZAC Day when Les and Merenia went to the Dawn Parade at Kalamunda. And consequently 5 weeks later Will is STILL asking when he can go to a Parade.

Yippee more baths!!

We went to the toy store and Will spent the last of his birthday money on a Golf set he had been covetting. (Bugging me about).

We finally got a response to the six play date invites we handed out on the last week of school and Madison came over with her Mum for a couple of hours. Will was quite the gentleman host. And Treena and I talked about all things NZ and a few things Perth- they've been here about 4 years I think. Came from Browns Bay of all places!

We served cupcakes. (It was demanded that I get something special.)

Tama and I were very pleased to finally see everyone go back to school on Thursday so we could have a bit of time to hang out. 

This is Tama's 'Funny face' it's much the same as the funny face his sister had at the same age- though he doesn't do his on command and she did.

He loves to be outside and he loves balls too!

A spot of reading!

Merenia also did some toy shopping this week she had amassed quite a few months worth of pocket money so added to her already immense Horse collection with a dressage set and a few new horses.

 Other than that we were just hanging out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tiny Tales Untold 2012 Week 16

Another week another 7 days of baby created mess!
And yes just a singlet is still ok in April!

This was the second week of the school holidays and also contained the Model Aeroplane Nationals.

I've got a 'thing' for tree lined country roads. There are a lot of them around here- yay!

My book buying has slowed- nothing like unpacking 6 bookcases full of books last September to make me realise we have 'enough'. And with T being the last baby we are slowly growing out of various phases of books- like board books. :-( 
So we are totally enjoying our local Libraries. And at the same time appreciating how great the Auckland Libraries were, especially after the Super City happened. There are so many ways that Perth/Australia could be improved if it took a leaf out of NZ's book (excuse the pun)- and Libraries are one of them- our selection for adults especially is limited. 
We like going to Story Time every couple of weeks. Will told me the other day: "You know sometime I'll have to get you to drop me off to the library and you can go shopping or something" He seems to think the story time lady is there all the time and will happily take care of him.... if only. 
One of our local libraries also doubles as Kieran's school's library and so there are always classes of kids in there having their English periods or studying for exams. It creates a nice sense of community when you are there. I was particularly impressed when Tama dumped out a bin recently while I was checking out the books and one of the girls came and picked up the rubbish and then gave him a cuddle!

Holidays mean big brothers and sisters home and that means the odd occasion of someone else to entertain and amaze!

Will doing some letter writing. Drawing Thunderbirds of course.


Thunderbirds uniform all thrifted or already owned- sweet.

And a trip to the park with Dad.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Simple Sunday

Source Unknown- please let me know if you deserve the credit for this one along with Mr Da Vinci. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Right now...

Right now, I am...
:: listening to the sound of the water in Les' shower.
:: relieved that Tama is a bounce back boy and has shown no ill effects from his General Anesthetic today.
:: hoping that the MRI results will show that he's in the 90% of cases that are just fine.
:: feeling exhausted from holding 9kg of cuteness for the better part of the day. 
:: seeing mess but pleased that it has been left because some relaxation is in order.
:: wondering at ways to guide Will through his current phase of silly/loud giggling and attempts to maim his baby brother. Sibling rivalry is no fun for anyone.
:: dreaming of my pillow and duvet.
:: loving that it's a three day kindy week.
:: wishing that I had have signed up for Ali's 31 class at Big Picture I'm really in a writing mood.
:: thinking some deep and heavy shit that the book I am reading has brought about.
:: anticipating Tamas birthday next month- now that we get paid monthly it's a 'must do' to think ahead.
:: going to bed.
 Night all!

Tiny Tales Untold 2012 Week 15

Ahhhh winter sports practice how I loathe thee. Merenia now has St Johns on Monday, Netball Practice on Friday and games on Saturday. Kieran has Hockey Practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games at 8:30 on a Sunday morning!!! So that leaves Wednesday as the only day we don't have some sort of kid related Taxi service to run.

Malls in Perth seem to be quite good at doing fun free stuff and displays etc on any given holiday/celebration/event. So no surprise to find this very freaky rabbit at Forrestfield. Tama was suspicious but not afraid. Will was impressed- balloons and chocolate- he's easily impressed. I was unimpressed. She could have asked him what he wanted- he would of gone with the Dinosaur the kid before him got. And that would have saved me no end of "I don't care if it is just a balloon sword. Do not poke it at ANYTHING!" She made a flower for T. It was toast before we even got to the supermarket 100m away!

Gotta love Perth weather. You just have to. Or you'd be miserable because it really does all sorts of extremes. The clouds are the best- super, super amazing on a regular basis.

This kid LOVES him some water. LOVES IT I tells ya!

Never let two Wookies play a game together: 
Will: Who needs rules when you can make up you own?
Kieran: Oi! You can't do that it's not fair/right.
Competitive spirit is still alive and well here.
The saying in when Kieran was little was quite often as C3PO once said:
"Let the Wookie Win"
But what do you do when you have two wookies?

I'm cheeky!

An ago old favourite at our place: The Ice Age Activity.
Freeze dinosaurs in coloured water. Use a hammer and water to get them out. 
We're going to try it with some salt one day soon- I hear that's pretty cool.

He may be small but he still has the ability to put one over his 14 year old brother. Go Tama!

 Now there's some sensible balloons!!