Monday, August 31, 2009

Guest Blogger: Merenia: Silver Ferns vs. The World 7

On Saturday I went to the Silver Ferns vs. World seven with Granny

and Kieley.

For dinner I had pizza hut and for the drink I had seven up.

When we got there we went to find our seats sadly we were behind the camera and so Kieley complained and we got re-seated and where we were seated was behind the Sliver Ferns bench.

Part way through the game Granny gave me some crocodile lollies and I took the camera with me and I took lots of photos and some videos. There was a band there called 3 houses and a cute little boy and he liked to dance some times he even pretended to play the guitar he was so cute!!!

The score for the sliver ferns went win lose win lose but the final score was 46-41 with the player of the day was TEMEPARA GEORGE!!!!!!!

I was so glad they won wish them all good luck for there next game against the Aussies. GO THE SLIVER FERNS AND TEMEPARA GEORGE.

By Merenia.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sibling Rivalry?

Ever get a creepy feeling one of your kids is a little over zealous in vying for your attention?


Me too.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009


Moments later...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

En Francais

Kieran needed on the computer!

He had important french homework to do!

Did I know an online translator????

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blast From the Past

Going back through old photos for a special project I am coming across some crackers. This is one of my favourite ever photos of the kids....

A whale of a tale

In the space of about 5 minutes before school yesterday...

Merenia: I don't believe Mr Hounsell. He said that a blue whale is two times our classroom.
Mum: Two times as long, yeah. So it would be as long as room 12 and 13 together.
Merenia: Crap! Because that's the most common thing you can catch.

Les: I'm playing squash with Tab, so that'll be around 11 o'clock.
Kieran: Can I come?
Les: Sure you can be the target.
Merenia: I'd rather be the target.
Gypsy: laughs
Merenia: Why is that funny?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Happy Birthday: Guest Blogger: Merenia

On Saturday I played my last game of netball we lost 2-1 I got to play my 2 favorite positions c & ga. I scored 4 goals this season.

Before that I woke up a 5:00 and read for awhile then at 6:45 I went into mum & dad's room then I went back in their room at 6.59.Then mum went into the lounge and took photos of my presents. Then I went in and opened my presents.

My presents were some lollies, sello tape, horse magazines, alarm clock, head band, bratz pencil case, saddle club soft toy, movie world towel, books, skacys, flicka, stickers, Hannah Montana Top Trumps, Hannah Montana watch, sing star pop, Disney sing it, hannah montana world tour, and chocolate.

After netball me and my mum and dad got a frapperchino cause it was the same day that Mum and Dad got married then went to watch my brothers last game of rugby. I played with Nina and sratched my leg & tummy on the tree.

At 2.00pm Zavanna came for a sleepover I asked mum if we could sleep in the lounge she said maybe so we layed out coshons on the floor mum said pick those coshins she went and got a matris I asked are you getting another one and said you can't sleep on 1.

Then we had dinner and then wacthed flicka then had my cake it was saddle club and then watched bratz then we went to bed.

In the morning we had french toast for breakfast after that we went to the park when we got back we played disney sing it then drooped off Zavanna back home.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Morning Coffee

Mozilla Firefox has a really cool app called Morning Coffee it lets me open all the blogs and websites that I want with one click. I can set it up to open just a few on a school day, a few extras on a Saturday (like the Netball site) and a heap on a Sunday morning when I have the time to relax and indulge. Lately I have added a few new sites to my morning coffee....

Cathy Zielske is a super rocking scrapbooker who has a cool style and an awesome sense of humour.

Julie Fei-fan Balzer is another completely rocking scrapbooker with a completely different style and much like CZ she is down-to-earth and super groovy.

Sassafras is a scrapbook product manufacturer who have done what I considered almost impossible; ousted Basic Grey as my no.1 favourite brand.

I think I blogged about Colour Me Katie before she just rocks. I am hoping to do some Katie-ish type stuff with the kids in the next hols. I think Westgate could benefit from some random acts of colour. Added bonus; she's hot.

A while back I discovered Living Oprah I spent an extraordinary amount of time reading the entire archives from start to finish. The basic low down is that this lady spent a year living every piece of advice that Oprah Winfrey gave on her show. If Oprah said 'do it', she did it, right down to the white jeans. It is an incredible, insightful look at the impact of the media on it's viewers. And she's funny. And the most amazingly cool thing happened.

Just recently Gretchen from the happiness project reccommended Starfish Envy. This is a relatively new blog written by a woman who is contemplating intentional single parenthood. I think she has an awesome perspective on life and it's fascinating to look at the issues from her perspective.

Starfish Envy led me to Cry it Out It's written by a stay at home Dad to a 3 year old girl. I haven't had a lot of time to read this one yet but what I have read I have loved. I wish I could write about the love I have for my kids and the way we relate to each other and the way that every day is something special with them in the way that he does... and damn I wish I could make cute clothes as well.... can anyone I know sew me a dress or 2 or 3 (cheap).

Free Range Kids is both amazing and astounding. Chocka block with lots of stories that you hope only happen in america and also a whole bunch of stuff that reminds you what the core of parenting is really about. That makes you think about whether you are truly acting in the best interests of your kids and in fact yourself or if you've been suckered by the media machines fearmoungering and glamourisation of doom and gloom.

In the 'If I had untold time basket' I'd like more time to explore and participate in;

The Art of Non-conformity

the One Minute Writer

Just pure eye candy; Orange You Lucky

and not for the faint hearted and most certainly not for the kids the totally UNpolitcally correct My First Dictionary.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Hapy Birthday....

Sister Stuff

These two have a shared love of food.... he's like a little open mouthed baby bird and she swoops in and stuffs the tucker in his gob....

And sometimes he returns the favour..

Wills Photography

Will has gotten into taking photos lately most times the camera comes out he takes his turn. A lot of his shots are more miss than hit but these ones are pretty cool....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mmmmmmmm Delicious

Bread anyone?

Honestly, you can't leave this kid alone for a second....

Just how much bread does one kid need anyway?

Those eyes!!! Humph!

And then he plays the charm card!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Place that call!

Mum: They are threatening you with two weeks off school
Kieran: Why's that?
Les: The measles outbreak if any one in your class gets it they'll make you have 2 weeks off.
Kieran: Woo hoo!
Les: That's if the health department know or care.
Kieran: If someone in my class get them I'm calling the health department myself!

Twenty Part 2

I so totally have a thing for yellow at the moment- It's coming out in my scrapbooking too, maybe I am craving summer?
These photos are getting harder and harder to take!

Happy Birthday to....

Will at 20 months

Now that Will is 20 Months old.... (Oh My! that's the downhill side to a whole 2 years old and it means it's taken me two months to getting around to writing this because I meant to do it when he was one and a half!).

He weighs... 10.98kg (with his clothes and shoes on)
He measures.. 80 cm
He has ... 12 teeth plus the start of four more

Will can....

  • Walk
  • Dance
  • Climb up on the chairs, couch and table
  • shake his head no
  • Post shapes with no help
  • Understand a whole lot more than he says
  • Ignore the stuff he doesn't want to know
  • Complete the colour circle puzzle matching all 9 colours on his own
  • Let us know when he wants us to come, stop, get him something
  • Wave goodbye
  • Give beautiful kisses (he even closes his mouth now)
  • Smell flowers.
  • Keep himself safe by going down the stairs backwards
  • Scream, Pinch, pull hair and bite

Will loves...
  • His dad
  • his brother
  • his mummy
  • Aircraft (any and all)
  • Playing outside especially in the dirt
  • Helping
  • Water play
  • Bubbles
  • his sister
  • Rugby
  • Talking
  • Boystuff
  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Tools especially the Hammer
  • To do the sit and spin
  • reading stories
  • Making art
  • being tickled, jiggled, wrestled, turned upside down, and thrown in the air
  • Balls and ballons
  • Baths
  • Having swings and slides
  • clambering over his family when they lay on the floor
  • Ruby
  • Pulling out the stuff in the kids plate cupboard
  • Taking photos
  • Sitting on the dishwasher 'helping'
  • Getting Dirty
  • Playing 'BAAAAHHH!!!' with Kieran and Merenia
  • Small doses of his Buzzy Bee DVD
  • Seeing how things work
Will tolerates.... (read: kind of dislikes actually)
  • Driving in the car
  • Having to go where the big kids go
  • Cuddles
  • Going to bed
  • People in his face when he's cranky or tired
  • Not getting his own way
Will gets called...
  • Will
  • Willy
  • Wilbur
  • W
  • Dubby
  • Bubbaluba
Will eats...
  • breastmilk
  • Yoghurt
  • Crackers
  • Chocolate Chippie biscuits
  • Chocolates
  • Corn on the cob
  • Sultanas
  • bread
  • Smoothies
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • whatever everyone else is having for breakfast
  • Not a hell of a lot at dinner
  • But sometimes he will permit the following to pass his lips in small doses; Cheese, jar food, fruit toast, banana, peas, potato and chips & dip
  • Wakes at 6am for a drink and then snoozes for an hour or so.
  • Goes to bed at 12:30pm and screams occasionally he may sleep for 15-30 minutes.
  • But will sleep for 2 hours during the day if I hold him.
  • Goes down for the night around7-7:30pm
  • Wears big boy shoes
  • Still has undetermined eye colour
  • Has a stack of hair (he's had 2 haircuts- after the first I told myself not to do it again- after his second I wished I had have listened).
  • Looks great in his crowny hat, vest and trackys.
  • Looks super cute most of the time
  • No longer has a dummy at all(for about 5 months I think).
Will Says....

Hello, Dad, Mum, Ruby, car, plane, glider, Helipcopter, Chair, milk, moon, ball, bubbles, bath, Jet, Merenia, Kieran, Ta, Granny, dude, gross, Rugby, bird, cup, bowl, cracker, biscuit, Will, Willy, Meow, apple, heart, star, up, hot, Buzzy Bee, lino/vinyl, Yo Gabba gabba, Hammer, Dinner, Banana, (Vacum) Cleaner, Owl, hat, Van, Motorbike, bread, stop, duck, wow, that, watch, eyes, ears, feet, Pop, bike, Uh-oh! And a whole bunch more...

And most likely a bunch of other stuff that my family will remind me about when they read this...