Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jura Round 2

"Done. Ok times.
Average Landings."

Texts are short. :-)

The beginning bit begins

The Pre worlds competition, the Jura Cup, has begun with the first round being flown at 8am (6pm NZ time). Les said they all flew with no mishaps. He was up in the very first slot and landed a minute early but didn't seem too perturbed about it. "All good practice really".

All five NZ team members including Dave P the token Aussie are flying in the Jura~ Good Luck Guys!!!

The draw looks like this. Round 5 will be a busy one for the team especially as the time between slots is shorter than usual.

Round 1

Les- Slot 1
Dave P- Slot 3
Dave J- Slot 4
Scott- Slot 7
Joe- Slot 8

Round 2

Scott- Slot 2
Dave J- Slot 3
Les- Slot 6
Joe- Slot 10
Dave P - Slot 11

Round 3

Scott- Slot 2
Dave - Slot 3
Les- Slot 6
Dave P- Slot 9
Joe- Slot 11

Round 4

Dave J- Slot 2
Scott- Slot 3
Les- Slot 8
Dave P- Slot 9
Joe- Slot 11

Round 5

Dave P- Slot 3
Joe- Slot 4
Dave J- Slot 5
Scott- Slot 6
Les- Slot 11

Round 6

Joe- Slot 1
Dave P- Slot 3
Dave J- Slot 4
Les- Slot 6
Scott- Slot 10

This years set up is a little (LOT) less high tech and professional than 2007 don't expect to see the results and photos etc as fast as last time (if at all). If I do get any I'll pass it on.

Was interesting to read this on Jo Grinis blog:

Earlier in the day we understood that they wanted impound of all 2.4 transmitters and also some strange security zones. This means there will be a lot of running with transmitters and lots of extra people on the launch corridor. We have 19 lanes + reflight lanes so a long way to walk especially when they have only 3min preperation time. A protest is probably the only solution tomorrow morning so they understand that impound of 2.4 tx's is not needed. The protest will in that case be that we want our 5min preperation time... sad. The CD needs to cheer up and listen to us.
On the security zone issue that will mean that half the field is off limits since there is a highway and houses along the field and also airfield control tower and stuff we need to avoid. What is left? Well imagine a cake were 60-70% is off limits.. We will see. Maybe I will remove this information if they understand us tomorrow morning.

Pot in the loo? more from Les.

Yep, the bread is good, as was the cheese and the 3.50EUR bottle of Bordeaux Red Wine with it was great as well.

The storm was awesome, I had my back to most of it while flying then turned around and 'oh shit' moment. We had just enough time to get to shelter in some industrial sheds on the property. Interesting that while taking a morning toilet stroll in the bush nearby I came across some 'pot' plants.

All still good here, day 4 just finished, we got to use the actual site for practice today, lots of plowed fields around making it very easy to thermal away, even from as low as 20ft. Jura Cup tomorrow, I'm in Rd1 Slot1 at 8am, yay, not.

Anyway, about to head for dinner and team talk/planning, the time between slots is shortened for the Jura Cup so we need to do some thinking about helpers and towers in each round.

See ya, Les.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday In France

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Various goings on from the past few weeks....

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