Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ever wondered....

... where Les works?

This is the 6 Squadron Hangar taken from the deck outside the 'Joe Room'.

In the photo above Les' office door is under that red writing that is half way along that wall. Beyond that is the door to the Flying clothing room and beyond that is Tab's office where most of the 'physical' work gets done.

During the week days it looks a lot more lively that this as the Hangar doors are open and people are moving, working and driving around. But this was a Sunday and we were up in the Joe Room watching the Super 14 final (less said about that the better I'd say).

At any given time there is usually 2-3 helicopters in there in various states of disarray.

Autumn Pt 2

Sometimes it's hard to remember that Autumn isn't all burnt leaves and scattering across the road like lively little mice chased by a cat.

There are a few hardy souls that burst forth.

Like my Hebe.

And my queen among flowers.

I love flowers that do their thing in Winter.

And I super love green flowers.

And I totally adore flowers that look a bit vintage even though they are fresh and new.
So Hellebores are just the thing for me.

Even those flowers which were at their best in summer look beautiful in Autumn.

Autumn is when the apples mature bringing all types of birds including Tui and Rosellas.

Autumn also sews the seeds for spring....

Quite literally.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Autumn pt 1

The great things about doing a 365 project and just generally being a scrapbooky photography type person is that you see things! Last October I noticed a bunch of spring things starting here. Just the other day there were these great Winter things. And a while back Summer was here. And of course I see things change here and here....

It's all but gone now but Autumn was in our garden recently.

The Wisteria.

Autumn Harvest.

On the way out.





The Tree skeleton.

Longer Shadows.

Planning ahead.

Fading away.

I was thinking about Autumn when I was out in the garden.

Autumn is waning light.
Autumn is cool mornings.
Autumn is chattery, clicking and clacking.
Autumn moves slowly.
It creeps.
Autumn is skeleton leaves.
It is acorns, chesnuts
and seed pod helicopters.
Autumn is the last harvest.
Autumn is squirrely.
Autumn is orange and yellow and brown.
Rich bronzes and copper highlights.
Autumn is the end.
and the start of a new beginning.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Sunday Bonus Post

I've been on the internet most of the afternoon (as well as making Lasagne, Bread, and a Rhubarb and Apple Crumble and tidying my craft table)... here's what I found...

Some stuff about Making Bread.

This delicious eye candy at Purl Bee.

A new blog with craftyness to enjoy.

Scrapbook Trends Magazine online subscriptions Mini Album book sample. (I have this in real life and have a review coming up for it on SeeShareRemember-better to see it for free).

I've been in a crap mood since Thursday so the universe has been sending me messages;

Happiness from Zen Habits on Friday

And getting unstuck from Zen this morning. The post isn't actually relevant but I do certainly need some powerful unstickyness.

And I also identify quite strongly with Gretchens feelings this week too. Although I can't see any potential for enjoyment in this particular failing.

Checking through my Delicious I came across a couple of old bookmarks that I have saved to check out....

Not for the depressed this site is amazing but kind of gut wrenching at the same time.

I'm going to share this with my short-lived blogging boy. And I had a quick peruse of this, damn I wish I had more time for Photography. Maybe if I just...

Then I'd have more time for things like this.

I loved the Roses in this post on Print and Pattern and it reminded me that I wanted to take pics of Kieran' Rose which has a flower on it... made all the better by the rain drops and overcast day.

I was quite taken with the Magician's Niece.

I want this for my Bee mad baby and this one for me not that it would suit but I just plain like it's Cherry goodness.

Amen to this... I'd like to have my own school one day it'd be a Montessori styled Boy flavoured school with a heavy bias for kenetic learners with no fixed homework or anything so mundane. ERO would hate it! But I can bet you all the things they'd hate would be the things our kids would love the best and I have no doubt of the feedback campaign the kids would initiate of their own accord to those conformity freaks at the ERO Office. Aaaaahhhh it'd be learning heaven and beyond fun.

These are the Daze of my Life. Some are rather funny! Like the stuff you find here at Lileks. I like the Motel Postcards the best of all.

And that seems a good point to sign off....
Signing off, Gypsy

A way to spend a Sunday?

Looking for a way to spend your Sunday?

Option 1; Brown's Bay....




Petshop; obligatory stop when traveling with kids.

Check out the locals.

Take note of your surroundings.

Take time.

Look closely.

Head to Ikes
and stock up on scrapbooking supplies.

Hot Chips for lunch
on the beach.
and Starbucks for afters.

Option 2: Takapuna Markets;

Arrive Early.
Park in Westfield. (Free)
No Pushchairs.

Take in sights,
note textures
and colours.

Examine things
you don't need
or want.

at how it's displayed
and contained.

See shapes
and textures.

Do the taste tests.
Smell the air
(and the flowers).
And buy your favourites.

Watch people.
Feel the sparkle in your day.


Option 3.

Just put your feet up with the paper.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Games Night

Recently we had a family games night we had to do it after Will was in bed because baby's and little pieces don't mix. But other than that we were all there, even Ruby.

We were all deep in concentration... competitiveness is a (sometimes unfortunate) family trait.

So is sulkiness, sometimes.

Plotting revenge isn't so much a trait as a past time.

The trick is, apparently, to act casual.

And then hit 'em where it hurts.

Launch a playful but prolonged attack.

Then act casual again.

"I'm on the game board?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about?"

Needless to say Ruby won the first round.