Saturday, February 28, 2015


In the last week of the holidays 4/6 of us got haircuts... Merenia tells me that had I asked she would have made it 5/6 but I don't believe her. :-)

It was Tama's 3rd attempt at the hairdressers. The first ended about 5 seconds after he sat in the special chair. And the second they got as far as putting the cape on him before he burst into tears and refused to go any further.  This time was a dream run.


We had a fairly quiet storm season in November and December. And most of January as well and then as to make up for it we had a week where electrical storms were forecast everyday for 6 days. We didn't have lightning on all those days but on the days that we did holy cow it made up for the lack of storms in a mighty way. It was SPECTACULAR and right above us and LOUD and LONG and the lightning was striking at less than five second intervals about 340 degrees around us. It was AMAZING and totally truly AWESOME!

This is a huge cell that came through in the early hours of the morning and woke everyone up. Just after it passed through the rain just bucketed down. Perth is not designed to cope with rain and certainly not as fast and full on as this was. It turns the drivers into wimps as well.... and I don't just mean a bit cautious- I mean having a break down I don't know if I can drive in this.... New Zealanders would laugh in the face of Western Australian fear of rain driving. :-)

These pictures (above and below) were taken literally seconds apart on the same day. Above is the northern end of our street- sunny day. Below is  the southern end- full blown storm. It's so cool!

This was the last day of the week of storms and by far the most spectacular. Kieran and I went out in the car to watch and eventually got scared home.... it was crazy.

Lightning is a powerful bulb.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tiny Tales from Week 5

Will had a speech appointment this week. I found this magazine in the books they had there. It was published in November 1956... pretty cool huh?

Cool as a snowman even.

Tama kept himself busy.

Afterwards we went and picked up Robert for one last sleepover before school goes back. And spotted another fire on the way home... most likely started like many of the others by the lightning we had that morning.

Will took photos of the smoke while I was driving. :-)

Dining Al Fresco.

On the weekend Les took the boys to the camel farm for a walk and look around. It's another of those places that is free to visit- (not counting the cost of buying some food for the animals and the inevitable morning tea snack) and very cool.

The boys collected the eggs and were given a certificate for their help. :-) 

This is what greeted me on the couch on the first day of school. He had appeared in our room I think about 3am and was sent back to bed.... but figured he'd go and watch some telly instead!

It wasn't Tama's first day but he wanted to wear his 'uniform' any way.

First day lunches.

Kieran's impressive haul of text books.... we have to buy them all!

The boys did the Dinosaurs on Ice experiment after school.

Our neighbours moved out over the weekend and then three of their kids came over for a play on Wednesday while their parents were doing the house clean. Three extras made for quite an intense and noisy afternoon.