Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tiny Tales from Week 27

This week was the last of the term we had some significant rain... so much that we had to hide out in the car at least once because we would have got SO drenched doing the dash inside it was worth the wait!

I sorted the lego, again. Which led to a renewed interest.... that's always the way- tidy up so they can make a mess. :-)

Les started a special project for me... then he started it again when I realised it wasn't quite right. I was pretty damn grateful that he seemed happy enough to start again.

They had Comic-con at Will school to raise funds for a charity dear to one of the students. Will would have preferred to be Ironman but Batman is all we have. :-)

Les and the boys made some yummy apple cinnamon cake stuff. :-)

Kieran had a dusk game at PHS... it's one of my favourite venues to take photos... the lights for the field light that massive pines from below and the clouds were very broody. The purple sky next to the green of the turf is super cool.

Hold on... let me take a selfie. :-)

School holidays saw some 'cubby' building. This is one of those Australian language variations... in NZ we'd say hut... it all amounts to fun though.

I thought this was a pretty cool business card for a photographer.

Sleeping in the cubby... the little one didn't last the night.

Tama got some cool mail from Vienna. :-)

And we managed to go to the supermarket at just the right time as this excavator had some super full-on rock breaking action going on. :-)

Dear Grandad, Today I...

365 Week 27

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mid week Wonderful ~

I'm grateful for the food on our table.

I'm thankful to be inspired by wood and paint.

I'm savouring the end of my book.

I'm loving two bedrooms with two.

I'm looking forward to my 'be' being finished.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scraproom Update

I recently got an under desk filing/drawer unit from Les' work for my craft room. They were throwing them out!! And it has made a huge improvement to my craft space!! It sits on my right hand side and acts as an added space for stuff to spill onto when I am creating. I also have my typewriter sitting on top of it as well.

There are two regular drawers and a larger drawer that could accept hanging files.

In the top drawer I have containers of paper items that I have tended not to use in my scrapbooking. They were various cards and items that come in ephemera packs as well as items from 12x12 cut apart sheets. I spent a couple of nights cutting them all apart and sorting them into- images, words and journalling- it's fantastic! And I am now using these items! I have also added my little Xyron to the drawer as the flies seemed to like to go there to die! Yuck!

The second drawer is all my 3x4 and 6x4 Project life cards. Previously these took up precious real estate on my table and were hard to access as they were off to the side. Now they are directly beside me and I can look down on them- so much easier to look through. I also cut apart all my 12x12 PL style papers and added them in here.

Currently the bottom drawer has my mists and glitter glues in the hopes that they too will get more use. 

In the process I also moved my paper rack to my table- which has been great for grabbing and adding an extra layer of patterned paper. And it's allowed me to get them away from a window that was fading things despite a closed blind. And it means I can open the blind and add more light to my corner of the room! 

I also did a sort and cull of my stickers- which I would like to use more often and added my alphabets to my paper drawers by colour- which has made it heaps easier and faster for me to grab what I want and see what I might want to buy more of. 

Anything that makes my process faster and helps me to better utilize my supplies is a win in my book... this has been awesome!

Tama Month 37


Monday, July 28, 2014

This week on the web....

Teacher Tom Post of the week: Because it's Hard.

I don't know how I never found Let the Children Play before! Playful awesomeness from Australia!

An Open Letter  to my Son's Kindergarten teacher could have been written by me.... except for the bit where she's an academic teaching teachers and I'm so not. :-)

Scrapbooking Product release news: My two fave digital designers now have lines with Gossamer Blue. Liz from Paislee Press and Peppermint from One Little Bird. I hope we see some in Australia!!

From the 'sometimes-I-wonder-how-I-stumble-over-this-stuff' files: I read an article on Politico  written by a Zillionaire this week and I'm sharpening my pitchfork because I doubt anyone will be all that keen to heed his advice... but I'd be happy enough to polish my Eftpos card if they were. :-) I found the stats on the shift in wealth pretty mind blowing!

The divide between the haves and have-nots is getting worse really, really fast. In 1980, the top 1 percent controlled about 8 percent of U.S. national income. The bottom 50 percent shared about 18 percent. Today the top 1 percent share about 20 percent; the bottom 50 percent, just 12 percent.

I don't do 'politics' so much but I do wish I'd watched more Jon Stewart when I had the opportunity. This clip is an oldie, but a goodie.

As well as dumping the sugar from our lives I'd like to eradicate some of the wheat... it's a hard ask but some of these recipes look pretty darn good.

I hate water but need to ditch my fave Bitter Lemon cordial, so this 12 ways to drink more H2O from IQS was a handy read with some cool ideas!

Also on IQS a recipe for sugar free Chocolate Caramel slice.

The Book Depository's list of best kids books ever is not even close to right. And there are far too many Julia Donaldson books on there (and at the wrong age stage in my opinion) but there are still some awesome books on there including all of Julia Donaldson's which is why I am sharing it.

This, right here, is a pretty good list of books you should read, if you want to, with your own personalised amendments. I have a couple of friends I'd like to make this list with- it'd be a damn fine list.

Some of these rung very true for me and I did laugh out loud: 33 reasons why Mums are late.

I've been reading Tara Whitney's Blog a lot this week (she's a super awesome portrait photographer) and I love the 6 People/12 months Project she did in 2010. I'm super keen to do it next year as a 12 month project as the last year with all six of us at home... but just thinking I might start now.

I actually read a lot of Tara's blog- she has a great voice and it made me keen to write some stuff but also scared... more scared than keen. I shared some of her thoughts and feelings. These posts in particular struck me.
You Are Here
Torrey Pines

Often when I'm looking at a web site that multiple similar items for sale I like to pick what I'd get for people I know. So when I was looking around the Etsy Store The Rekindled Page I picked these ones out...


Tama or me... probably me. :-)


Me. :-)

 And I'd send this one to Eden Riley- because it reminds me of her and her brother.

This is from Vintage Filament. I'd get this for Les... just a fun and  simple way to register my interest... you know when I'm in the mood and all.

 These are super cool! I liked pretty much everything at Milk Street Studios. These are for our dream house.

A little night light from Mouton Cerise... for Tama who has finally moved out of the parental bedroom! 

I dream of owning a Library card catalogue... these would be the penultimate I think- those babies are beautiful!! And just a measly US$2000 plus um shipping... a bargain!

On the fun side of things Weird Al's Word Crimes Video is worth the watch (JIM you'll like it!)!  And Scrapbooker's may enjoy the Lame Claim to Fame one as well. I do love how he got the Kevin Bacon meme in there.

And that was: My Week on the Web!