Monday, December 31, 2012

Bedtime Playlist

For over a couple of months now Tama and I have a particular bedtime routine. After he has a drink in the lounge (yes he is 'still' breastfed) we go and brush his teeth. Then we lay on the bed in the dark and I sing him his bedtime medley:

When I'm done we have kisses and cuddles. Then a put him in his cot with a few bars of Mr Sandman.

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This years letter....

If you are reading this that means you've made it onto the Stockley Family Christmas Card list! Congratulations- if you are not reading this but you have in the past then as Heidi Klumm says: "You're out".
I wanted to start this letter with a bunch of absolute balderdash about recovering addictions, teen pregnancies, sex change operations, and child slave trade dealings- but then I remembered my Nana reads this (Hi Nana- just jokes ok?)
All this preamble is necessary because to be honest we've had a pretty average year. Lets do the standard run down shall we?
Les: Goes to work, comes home. Occasionally flies RC Gliders, looks longingly at golf clubs. Spends many hours being awesome Dad and husband.
Gypsy: Stays home. Goes out, buys Milk and Bread. Looks angrily at space that should be scrapbooking area but covered in early childhood resources and items that have been aesthetically adjusted by one year old and now require repair.
Kieran: Boy wonder blah, blah, blah. Begs a ride to school (too hot, too cold, too wet, too tired, too late). Plays Hockey- Wins. Looks at: Computer, iPod, TV, - laughs. Looks at: Wii, PS2, 3DS, basketball, rugby, Olympics- curses. Turns 15- shit!? (sorry Nana) sugar!?
Saskia: Angel wonder blah blah blah. Most well behaved Teenager ever or should that be Teen-angel? Slightly confused on her annual June 8th Balloon delivery due to Westerly aspect of origin.
Merenia: Girl wonder blah, blah, blah -into extension programme (at high school in 2014: WA==Wait A while) Plays Netball- loses. Principals Challenge =100%%!! Turns 12- ahhhhh puberty. (Enough said?)
Will aka Scott Tracey ala Thunderbirds, Nigel Marvin ala Prehistoric Park, Dr Who and various others ala Doctor Who: Boy wonder blah blah blah. Went to Kindy, was over kindy. Quit Kindy- now a school drop out hanging at home and mooching off his parents (true story).
Tama: Baby wonder blah walking blah talking blah running blah climbing blah falling blah hospital admissions blah arm in sling blah blah blah. Funny, destructive, cute, noisy, sweet, occasionally violent, butter wouldn't melt..., naughty, charming, Tama.

So in case you missed it we live in Western Australia now and have done for over a year. Whilst in Auckland we had four seasons in one day, in WA you get: a year. No seasons. There's this bit at the start and end of each year where it's pretty darn hot, the grass is brown and the trees are green. Then there's a bit where it's less hot the grass starts getting green and the trees are green. Then there's this bit where delusional people locals say it's cold (that'd make you laugh Nana- coming from Dunedin) but it's not really. Trees and grass=- green!  Then it's a bit warmer again, the trees and grass are green and every thing else is amazing!  Spring is the absolute best season in WA which is known for it's wild flowers. WA also enjoys it's extremes: We have extreme: isolation, wind, electrical storms, sunsets, bureaucracy, bushfires, wake-ups (4am sunrise!), highways, spiders, machinery, traffic, heat and extreme Australians (seriously).

Theese seection of the Neuwsleeter is wreetin in austrine for the beenefit of our noo austrine freends.

And that is enough of that!

This year we have not: seen  a snake, travelled enough, worn thongs or swimmers, slept under a doona, eaten sweet potato, had fush n' chups, or heard nearly enough sheep jokes.
This year we have: seen a lizard, 4 red back spiders, travelled a little, worn togs and jandals, occasionally slept under a duvet, eaten kumara and told the odd joke about kangaroos and XXXX beer. Because we are rebels like that.
Unfortunately due to the current racial climate in this country that may all have to change because you know the new saying for the old term FIFO == Fit in or 'fudge' off (see Nana I'm learning).

Next year we hope to: not see a snake, travel more, win the lotto, take a visit to NZ, play more, work less, have Starbucks, see more of our friends, swim, own shares in the power company that supplies our air-conditioning.

Next year we will probably: not see a snake, not travel too much more, not win the lotto, not take a visit to NZ, not play more, not work less, not have Starbucks, not see more of our (old) friends, swim, not own shares in the power company that supplies our air-conditioning, and Miss YOU.

In all seriousness, just joking- why start now we're almost at the end!
Hey- we're doin' ok. It was really a settling-in year and next year should be bigger brighter and better. If you made it to 'the list' we must miss you. So feel free to drop us a line some time or give us a call and catch-up, or come over- we can kick Kieran out of his room for you!  We're wishing you and yours a bigger brighter year too- or if you'd rather something healthy, calm and sensible. Lots of love from The Stockley's: Les, Gypsy, Kieran, Saskia, Merenia, Scotty- Nigel-Doctor-Dalek Caan- Will and Oi stop- hey you- NO- ouch-Tama

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Out and about in the CBD

We headed into the CBD about a month ago to get Finn's MAC nail polish from Myers. It was a super hot day and as we were walking into Myers we came across the Water Labyrinth. It is an interactive water sculpture created in Forrest Place by artist Jeppe Hein. There are nine rooms each bordered by water jets- the walls are changing all the time- sometimes you get trapped for quite a while.Will had a fantastic time and ended up coming home in just his T-shirt. :-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Five Pt 2

Kieran took the 9:38am photo today as I was on the way to get a replacement for the RC Car we brought there for Will's Birthday as it wasn't working. Apparently Will wasn't in a co-operative mood. This will be the last of the monthly 9:38am photos as Will will be full time at school next year- so will only be home on 3-4 months out of the 12. I think I'll still try and do the photo-a-day until he puts up a stink as personally I think it would be really cool to have a collection of photos like that of myself now.

Five Pt 1

Happy Birthday my boy!
Love you....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shingle Back Lizard

I have to admit to getting a huge fright when I saw this guy in the grass when we were out and about on a walk. At first sight he looked like a snake. But he is actually a Shingle Back Lizard who was not too happy to be photographed. Coincidentally we had seen one the day before in a not such an alive state on the road up by Kieran's school- so seeing a live one was a welcome difference to me and Will.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Sand Pit Volcanoes

An oldie but a goodie! Will and Tama built a mountain in the sandpit and put a bowl in the top full of baking soda. Then we added vinegar coloured with food colouring.


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