Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fetish, Obsession or Passion?

Much like his brother at the same age Will gets rather fixated on particular things. Kieran was more singular in his interests like Dinosaurs but Will has multiple subjects of desire.

When we go through the round about at Westgate or pass a Pak n'Save he always asks if we are going to netball- "Betball?"

When we go past the Luckens Road intersection he asks if we are going to rugby- "Bugby?"

Considering Merenia hasn't yet figured out that Christchurch is in New Zealand and got lost coming home from the Dairy the other day this kind of blows me away.

Will is also quite obsesssed with Hawks, the moon, stars, planes, fans, Parachutes (Powa-toot), Helicopters (Hopters), Hammers (Ham-Ma!), the Tape measure (tape), lawn mower (MOW-wa), brushing his teeth (teeth), and the 'bird' on Les' uniform.

All this led me to wonder at what point does something go from pasion to Obsession? And what is the difference between that and a fetish.

The Hammer, Hawks, Moon, and Mower are definitely obsessions.

Boobies and Teeth are fetishes.

And all the rest as well as "side" (getting outside) are definitely passions.

It is nice that he has a wide variety of interests. And cool to see how he is influenced by his family. He spotted some All Blacks Baby gear, spoons and plates etc with the silver fern in the chemist the other day and said "Bugby!". And he must be about the only 21 month old to see the logos and say "Chiefs" and "Adidas".

While we are on cute Will stuff I should mention that Merenia has a new nickname- "Bear" which is what 'Merenia' get abbreviated down into in 'Will-ease'.

He has also added the word 'no' to his vocabulary and uses it with increasing regularity and passion.

And an unphotographed from the other day. I was doing my morning blog hop when I came across a link for CuteOverload a website with lots of cute animal photos and video. Will was sitting on my lap and Merenia was beside us, Kieran came and joined us and we were watching 3 videos of some silly kittens and Will was saying "uh-oh!" before the cat did the silly thing and totally cracking up along with the big kids when it happened. It was super funny and super cute.

Broken in?

As many of Merenia's activities as possible involve horses I am not sure how her friends feel about this. Here she is being broken in by Emma.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I ♥ Blossom

Free range kids

Not so long ago I got served a faceful of utter distain at school. It was a Wednesday afternoon and we were at school for Netball Practice I was having a chat with another Mum when a woman I didn't know came and told me that Will was playing in the dirt. I thanked her for letting me know and said that I wasn't concerned about him doing that. The look on her face was priceless. I wondered briefly if I had in fact transformed into Satans Mother. I expect she can probably safely dress her kids in white because she most likely never lets them near dust let alone dirt. I expect she never uses public toilets, has shares in a handsanitiser and alcohol wipe company, probably has one of those handy dandy coveralls for avoiding the super market trolley germs and regularly dips her kids in a bucket of disenfectant for a fun time.

I say let them eat dirt!

Which I guess is why I was happy to read this post on Free Range Kids called Let 'em Eat Dirt.

Free Range Kids is a website started by a lady called Lenore Skenazy who let her 9 year old son ride the subway in New York on his own because she knew he could and she knew it was relatively safe to do so. She was condemmed by a lot of people in the USA for doing so but stands by her decision and her son and tells lots of interesting stories about similar situations on her blog. She also shares statistical findings, studies and other information as well.

It is a blog that reminds you what good common sense parenting is really about. Despite the media hype there is not a sex offender on every street corner or in every chat room and the vast majority of strangers in our kids lives are quite simply nice people we haven't met yet.

Having buried a child I find it incredibly easy to imagine all kinds of things that could occur to make me have to go through that again. I really have to check myself constantly to ask if the things I am concerned about really are valid and in most cases they aren't. I wish the we lived in the same type of area that I lived in as a kid as I had huge opportunties to wander and explore a vast array of places from the Botanical gardens, the university campus and the harbourside. I had a stack of adventures alone and with my friend Suzy Duncan which would have made Suzy's Nana have a pink fit (had she known). It was great!

I want that same experience for my kids. To that end I took Kieran onto Hobsonville Base recently and suggested some places that he could go check out and adventure to. He did do it once- I'm not sure what he got up to or if he enjoyed himself- I'm not going to ask because it's none of my business. I hope he did and I hope exploring and messing around becomes a part of his way of life- same for Merenia and Will in time as well.

There's a bunch of stuff to read on the website and some of it will blow your mind- like the story of the parents who had their 5, 4, and 1 year old girls removed for a MONTH after they took their holiday photos to get developed at Walmart (turns out they had 6 or 7 pics of the girls having a bath together). the web site asks some good questions and makes some good points. In New Zealand the situation is not as extreme as it is in the USA but we could easily go that way (think police vet checks for parents helping out at school - seriously???) best to think about it and talk about it now before the world goes completely mad.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Marketers Dream

Hide 'n' Seek

We have a game of hide and seek happening here most school mornings. Will is generally a curse because he either tries to find without counting or to hide alongside the big kids. Either way though he is mighty cute.

Week in the Life 2009 Day 7 - Sunday

Lazy Sunday....

So, I didn't note down what we did from moment to moment. I still had my headache and it really put a damper on my whole week in the life. I was thinking I may regret yesterdays 'inactions' but I would prefer to see it as an opportunity to change the project up for a day.

The kids woke up a little later than usual but only because their bodies were adjusting to Day-light savings. Will woke up even later which was nice- he went out and joined the kids who were watching What Now. And we followed after. Breakfast was had, people got dressed, people went on the computers. We watched a Power Point ABC of Horses created by Merenia a few weeks ago. (Who knew what they get up to in the mornings when we're still sleeping!?) Some people showered. Les, Will and Merenia walked to the dairy to get essential supplies.

I worked on sorting out my photos. Kieran was doin' 'stuff' in his room.

Les, Merenia and Will made Weet-box slice.

Lunch was had.

Les left to go flying.

Will had a boob and we all watched Grey's. I put Will to bed but he just cried. We folded all the washing.

Les came home.

They all played Bat Down outside. I worked on my photos.

We had an easy dinner (eggs/toasted Sandwiches) (some of us completely forgot to have dinner).

We watched the Simpsons and Wipeout. The smaller people went to bed. I worked on my photos. Les read the paper. NCIS and CSI were on in the background.

10:30ish (I think) Les went to bed. I worked on my photos. I finished my photo work!!!!!

2:00am I went to bed.

Weather: Average. There was some outside play and Les got to go flying!

Cool:Merenia's Horse Power Point, Les went flying, weetbix slice was made, Finishing sorting out my photos.

Not Cool: Will not napping, headache.

On my mind: Photos

Photos: 117

Total Photos in my folder to be viewed, culled, examined and chosen from: 1058

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Non-essential Baby Essentials

I have been thinking a bit about the babies that are due in our life in the next wee while and what we want to treat them with. I have come up with a list of non-essential but mighty handy to have baby stuff.
  • Little Nail clippers
  • A bath thermometer
  • A black and white book
  • A black and white poster
  • New Era Infant Teething Pains (homeopathic teething pain cure)
  • A mini parachute
  • A huge stack of Facecloths
  • A decent mirror (big and safe to put at ground level for tummy time)
  • A plaster hand and foot print kit
  • Rescue Remedy in a spray bottle
  • A notebook- as a rememberall... cause sometimes you can't even remember when you last fed your own child. :-)
You can bet some of those will be in the 'little' care package that we put together for those sweet November Babes.

Week in the Life 2009 Day 6 - Saturday

0545 Will woke up brought him into bed with us.
0718 I wake Les up thinking it's a work day. Apologise and then lay thinking of all the things I want to do but don't want to wake up Will.
0740 Will wakes up and gets up, I follow getting dressed and meeting the kids in the lounge. Merenia is on the computer and Kieran is annoying her. :-) I start a search for the Audiclear because my sore ear is driving me crazy. Go nuts when I can't find it.
0800 Les is up I am messing around in spare room adding chipboard to Will's new Mower book as it is a bit flimsy for toddler handling. Finish off Mini Rugby Album for MC.
0820 Les and Merenia are cooking eggs for breakfast. Les gets Will dressed for day. I sit down with them while they eat.
0900 I make porridge for my breakfast and sit down at laptop to read mail and blogs.
0930 Les, Kieran, Merenia and Will head to Albany to do some shopping.
0940 I am working on computer crossing things off my list; Print E-tickets, Trade Me listings, blog posts, Hannah Montana Lyrics etc. Rocking out to Lily Allen!
1200 The crew return home. Put pies in the oven. Kieran goes on the computer and Les gets Will sorted. I am still working on the computer uploading photos and putting together a Lyric book for Merenia.
1240 Merenia is on the PS2 with Kieran watching. Les is reading stories to Will.
1310 The kids eat their pies for lunch while Will hangs out.
1330 Les makes us toasted sandwiches. Which we eat while sitting at the computers.
1340 Will plays Vinyl layer on the lino. He is using the body of a toy beater as his stapler.
1415 I take some photos of the kids for the new blog blog header.
1438 Les and Will head outside. Merenia joins them. Kieran is in his room reading.
1515 Les and Will come inside.
1558 Kieran listening to Radio sport in his room and reading. Will asleep on me. I am blogging. Les resting in the bedroom. Merenia on the swings outside.
1617 Both big kids in lounge driving me crazy.
1625 K and M play tennis on drive.
1651 K eats cereal. M in room
1707 Kids go to park. I finish blog stuff and move with sleepy baby to couch.
1745 Les wakes up and starts on dinner.
1800 Les goes to dairy. Kids get back and Will wakes up.
1820 Dinner! Cold Chicken Nibbles and Green Salad
1850 Dinner over. We all watch the Simpsons and then Hoodwinked
1959 Les gets Will ready for bed.
2120 The kids head to bed. Les and I watch Date Movie. And did stuff on the computers.
0015 Les goes to bed.
0027 I went to bed.

Weather: CRAP RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!!! Lamenting the fact I cleared out all the firewood and the fireguard in preparation for summer.

Cool: Getting stuff done while Les and the kids were out! And when they got home as well.

Not Cool: Headache still present will be going to Dr. on Monday!

On my mind: Trade me and blog headers.

Photos: 94

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Father's Day

The pictures say it all.....

Week in the Life 2009 Day 5 - Friday

0515 Will wakes up and spends 30 minutes griping about being told to go back to sleep.
0545 I pick-up Will to put him in with us and find he is all soggy. Go to the loo, grab him a change of clothes, change him and snuggle up for a drink. Will doesn't go back to sleep but wriggles and squirms between us both till 6:30 when he wiggles all the way out of bed to go find Kieran and Merenia.
0645 I get up to have a shower and Les gets dressed and ready for the day.
0700 Dressed and ready to face the day I get breakfast and so does Les, we both share with Will.
0720 Finlay and Fraser arrive. All the kids are sitting with eyes glued to the screen.
0730 Les leaves for work. I take Will to get him dressed.
0800 We sort out lunch orders and I pay out a LOT of cash in pocket money.
0818 We leave for school.
0830 Will and I head for the Mad Butcher and pick-up a bunch of stuff for the next couple of weeks dinners- I wish they would have a special on something other than Chicken though! Will enjoys driving the kiddy car.
0900 I have enough stamps for a free drink so Will and I go to Starbucks and then head for home.
0915 I get Will some of his own breakfast and then we do some stuff around the house. We read a bunch of stories and talk about the Helicopters we hear flying around outside.
1030 We spend some time in the spare room I look longingly at my scrapbook supplies and Will does some drawing. I am hanging out to be not tired, not sore and not with a toddler so I can create!
1100 Will and I make Jam sandwiches and sit down to eat them.
1120 Will has a drink and doses so I put him in his bed. He screams while I cook myself some kidneys for lunch (I must be low on Iron because I generally crave kidneys and black pudding when I pregnant or run down (I'm NOT pregnant).
1230 Will is still crying but I know he needs to sleep and having let him sleep in my arms means that it will take a week or so before he gets back into the habit of settling quickly. I get the mail my books have arrived from the UK Hooray!
1300 The wind is full-on and it hasn't rained in ages so I hang out the washing. Will has still not gone back to sleep and it sucks to listen to him scream.
1322 Couldn't fit all the washing on the line so I hope it dries fast!
1410 I pick up Will and sit with him on the couch. We read the new ABC book- he loves it.
1445 We leave for school and stop to get Gas at the Gull- Will love the petrol station because he can see the pictures of gulls.
1513 Finally Elliot makes it to the car and we drop him off and then head for home.
1527 Jake arrives just after we do and the boys head outside to play with Jake's water toy. Will enjoys playing with the big boys. I bring in the washing. Merenia unpacks her bag for the holidays and grabs a snack.
1550 I bring a soggy baby inside and change him. The boys get on the computer and Merenia and I talk homeschooling.
1645 Les gets home and Merenia and I head out to Spotlight, Harvey Norman and NZ Scrapbook- the only thing we get is photos. Kieran plays on the computer. Les hangs with Will and makes the dinner.
1810 Merenia and I get home. Will and I look at the photos and I have to read the Lawn Mower book four times.
1840 Dinner is ready. Sausages and wedges.
1900 We all watch Shortland Street.
1930 Will goes to bed and we all watch America's Next top Model. During which Kieran wins auctions for the last two Power Play Cards- Hooray!! And I work on some new mini story albums for Will and another Mini Rugby album for one of the other team members.
2030 The kids go to bed. Les and I watch Rove together.
2200 We watch 7 Days while each working on the computers.
2300 I go and bind Will's two new mini books- I LOVE my bind-it-all.
2332 We go to bed. :-)

Weather: Crap again, windy, rainy, horrible. But lucky for me dry and windy enough to get the washing dry in about 2 hours.

Cool: My books arrive from the UK- Pressies for the babes on the way and a new Chuck Murphy book for us (and it rocks!) I should hide it for Christmas/Birthday but it's TOO cool!

Not Cool: My face, neck, tongue and my head hurt- not sure if it is post dentist or just some sort of infection. I'm knocking back panadol and ibuprofen.

On my mind: School- and it's not positive!

Photos: 111

Friday, September 25, 2009

Power Plays Almost There.... Yay we're done... sort of...

Merenia still wants Graham Henry and Ritchie Mcaw- but she's only 'unofficially' collecting. But other than that we are done. If you are some one who is collecting then feel free to email us your wish list and we will try and hook you up if we can.

We are on the downhill slide to completing our collection of Weet Bix Power Play cards- Hooray!!! We have a bunch of swaps if anyone reading this is also collecting.
We need
  • Mils Muliaina
  • Joe Rokocoko
  • Rodney So'oialo
  • Frank Bunce
  • Ma'a Nonu
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Christian Cullen
  • Hands in the Ruck
  • Scrum Infringement
  • Interfering with another player
Let us know if you want to swap!

Did you notice... I posted this post in the future!!! I did it so this post will stay up the top for a wee while and then I'll go back to the past and stick it back where it came from... like magic!

Gratuitous Cuteness

(not so much cute as kind of weird and funny....)

Week in the Life 2009 Day 4 -Thursday

0009 I couldn't sleep so I got up and took a couple of panadol for my head. I sat and read some and had a big drink. The panadol didn't really touch the sides and then I think the head got worse cause I was so tired.
0120 I went back to bed.
0545 Will woke and joined us in bed for a drink.
0730 Will and I woke up as Les came in to do some last minute stuff before going to work. We got up got our kisses and waved him goodbye.
0735 I went to get dressed.
0740 I came back into the lounge to look for Will to get him dressed. He wasn't there. I checked Merenias room. He wasn't there. Back to the lounge I went through the kitchen door to find him sitting in a large puddle of milk.
0755 I finshed mopping the floor to the tune of the screaming baby on the other side of the door and went and washed my hair over the side of the bath having missed my chance to have a shower.
0800 Got Will dressed for the day and set him up with rice bubbles for breakfast. Rang Les about a couple of things and got my own cereal.
0835 Time to to school I put in ac quick call to the office to let them know Kieran would be late.
0845 We stopped by Les' car to grab some batteries for Merenia's camera for the day. I gave M a quick lesson on the settings for photo quality.
0850 We dropped Merenia into school.
0858 We arrived at the Doctors Office. We looked at the books and Will played with the toys. He looked pretty pleased with himself when he made the Buzz Lightyear talk.
0930 Only 30 minutes late we got into the Dr. Kieran's heel is standard 11 year old boy growing pains aka;
0940 We paid $30 and left the Dr. We stopped by the Luckens Rd Bakery for bread and treats and then headed for school.
0950 We said bye to Kieran and caught up with Karen and Jake who was heading home sick. I signed Kieran in and went to drop Merenia's treat off to her. She was just coming out of Mindlabs so we caught up with her outside the library.
1000 We went and found Les who was at 'Joe' with an old work mate who was visiting on business. We stopped for a short while delivering the Kahlua Caramel slice we had brought him.
1020 We stopped by the dairy for lotto and drinks and picked up Kierans anti-inflammatory medicine.
1030 Finally home I changed Will's nappy and got him a drink and a snack. I phoned for a dentist appointment and went through some emails.
1100 Will was getting cranky we sat on the couch and he had a drink and went to sleep. It is super unusual for him to sleep so early in the day which is why I have been holding him while he sleeps that and the fact with the headache and whatever is going on with me I need the rest too. Next week it will back to him going down in his cot from 1pm-3pm I read Simple Scrapbook Magazines and work on the laptop, with Grey's Anatomy as background noise.
1435 Will finally wakes up. After grabbing the mail to gkeep it safe from the actions of an ominous sky we grab a raspberry jam samwich with the fresh bread we got at the bakery and an Apple Juice for Will.
1455 We head out the door with new magazine and camera in hand and head for school.
1500 Murphys Law states that if it is going to rain on any given day then it will do so at 8:45 or (more likely) 3pm on a school day. Today we had both. And it didn't just rain it POURED. In our books that is a good thing because the drain at then end of our drive doesn't cope and the street floods. We dropped Elliot home and were pleased to find what we had hoped for when we turned into Morrison Drive. After going through the puddle once at speed Fraser jumped in the front seat beside me and took control of the camera and Merenia. Kieran and Finlay jumped out and waited ready on the side of the road. I made about 6 passes as fast as I could and sprayed their squeally forms with water. Fraser thought we were crazy. I wished he could drive so I could be with the other three!
1535 The wet kids came inside and changed out their uniforms and then settled to their respective stuff; K=PS2, FNY= Kieran's computer, FRS+ Lounge Computer and Merenia read to Will on the couch. I updated this and read the education blog.
1620 I went and brushed my teeth and Les got home. After a quick chat and a chance to admire Wills new glider I left for the detist.
1640 My dentist filled the hole in my tooth. Finlay and Fraser went home and Merenia played on the lunge computer. Les made dinner (Chicken Tonight Honey Mustard).
1705 I picked up some milk and stuff at the fruit and vege shop.
1715 I got home unpack the groceries and took Finlay school bag over to him. And then cleaned out the fridge so I could fit the fruit and vege in.
1730 We ate dinner. The kids had Milos and Marshmallows for pudding.
1800 I curled up in a ball on the couch. Les tidied up the kitchen. Merenia reading. Kieran in the shower. Will making trouble.
1830 Merenia gives me a back massage and we have a silly converstaion based around the song who let the dogs out. Les changed Will for bed.
1900 Will had a drink, Merenia went to tidy her room, Les on the computer and Kieran in his room.
1930 Will to bed, Merenia to bed. Kieran looking for edible garden stuff on the net. Les getting changed to go out.
1940 I'm on the couch just chillin. Kids all in bed. Les catching up with workmates at the Mess.
2000 Greys as background noise I'm on the computer watching trade me auctions. :-) And winning some new Sassafras stuff.
2245 Les gets home I am working on my 365 on the big computer so he sits down to the laptop. I finalise my order with scrapbook outlet (to go with my trademe scores). And buy this months Digi Files.
2335 Les goes to bed. I am finishing up my 365 and todays post for the WITL. The Dentists work is making an impact so I take a couple of panadol.
2359 I go to bed.

Weather: Scattered rain, clouds, cool.

Cool: Chocolate Caramel Slice. Getting my tooth filled.

Not Cool: my headache, sore, numb face.

On my mind: my headache.

Photos: 264 and 3 movies! (Merenia had the camera at school)

Mid way musings:
  • As is usual when you try and have a typical week it is anything but.
  • It's not much fun this time around because Will and I are sick and the weather is a downer.
  • I am not feeling motivated to take as many photos as last time (I know I have taken a lot but it's not all it could be).
  • Really pleased to have sent the kids and Les to school/work with the other cameras.
  • Places have been on mind and making sure to capture the dairy, bakery, school, base and around our home.
  • I would like to find a better way to document, in writing, Les and the kids days when they aren't home.
  • I should document spending and health related actions for this as they are both things that we want to work on. To come back to this after a year and find that we are in the same space (or perhaps even a little worse than last year is both disappointing and motivating.
  • It would also be interesting to note regular reading by all the people in our household: Will's favourite book at the moment is 'The Vinyl Book'. I am reading Scrapbooking magazines for relaxation. And an educational blog for learning purposes. As well as a number of blogs that I will document in the album which I read each day/week as a matter of habit. Considering I don't get that much out of some of them I should probably review these with a view to cutting back. Merenia is reading Calvin and Hobbes, Lemony Snickett and Perfect Ponies for fun and school readers for 'work'. Kieran is reading the Sunday paper, Buck!, a Rugby Magazine, and a book of Foul Football facts. Les is reading the newspaper, the School trustees handbook, KiwiBlog, whaleoil.
  • Trade Me and Etsy are time sinks and I probably buy less than 1% of what I put on my watchlist. But I do want those pom poms!
  • I am finding it difficult to concentrate and will often skip to my mail or watching Grey's or writing a blog post in the middle of reading an article.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When it's quiet....

... that's when you need to worry.

I was getting dressed and putting the washing on this morning I came into the lounge to look for Will. He wasn't there and the kitchen door was closed so I went to check Mira's and our room as they were the only other doors that were open.

No Will.

Heart rate up.

Back to the lounge and into the kitchen.

Heart drops to pit of stomach.


Milk that's what Will said as he showed me the bottle. The empty bottle. That's what he said as he sat in his furry blue PJ's in the wet white puddle.

"Yes, buddy that's milk alright." That's what I said as it slipped and slid crawling out of the puddle and into my arms.

And on the list of 'handy things to know': our kitchen floor slopes in such a way that any liquid poured on the floor will naturally flow under the three heaviest items; the pantry, the fridge, and the dishwasher.

Which leads me to the problem with the other boy. The big one the only one that (usually) uses the dark blue milk. That kid he's intelligent. But he's not smart. Because when you find around a dozen of those dark blue rings from the lids of the milk bottle UNDER the fridge you KNOW there's only one person that can be responsible. Grrrrrr.

Week in the Life 2009 Day 3- Wednesday

I'm switching to 24 hr clock because half of my typing is being done one handed and I need to be economical so I am sick of typing am and pm :-)

0500 Will woke but went quickly back to sleep when I told him it was still sleeping time.
0615 Will woke again I brought him in with us he had a drink and a snuggle but was up at 6:30 with the other two kids.
0645 Les and I got up and went through the morning routine. Make a decision to not feed wet cat food to Ruby any more (She doesn't eat it anyway). Will shared porridge with me.
0720 Finlay and Fraser arrived
0730 Les left for work.
0750 The kids don't like superman so they start a game of hide and seek. Will joins in after he finishes his breakfast smoothie. Access to Kieran's room by Will means we now have fish food over the floor. I am reading emails and blogs.
0815 Kieran has patrols so we leave early for school. Stop at the dairy and the bakery on the way home.
0840 We are home I write an email while Will goes through the stuff in the bottom of the pantry and steals food from the kids boxes. :-)
0920 Will and I mess around. Share a milo and read some stories.
1030 Will is ready for a sleep and so am I. I'm not feeling well. We spend the next couple of hours on the couch Will is sleeping and I am looking into some new developments with regards to Kieran's education. Grey's Anatomy is on in the background. Despite going before I sat down I seriously need the toilet. The knocking of the star from the wind spiral on the window behind me is a little annoying.
1342 Les calls to say he's coming home. Will still asleep. I am still busting and my head is pounding.
1343 Will wakes up. I make a Bacon sandwich for my lunch and Les gets home and takes over Will.
1420 I head to bed as Les gives Will a snack and makes his own lunch.
1500 Les heads to school with Will to pick up the kids and they go on to Westgate to have a look around the shops I am asleep.
1630 They all get home and Les makes Butter Chicken for dinner. K is on the PS2, Merenia is watching Saddle Club and Will is "Reeking Havoc".
1730 Les wakes me for dinner. It's a spicy BC and the kids are all gulping down water including Will.
1800 Merenia heads off for a shower, Kieran is listening to the radio (Radio Sport) in his room, Les is loading the dishwasher and I am downloading photos (Kieran has had the Fuji at school today and has some cool pictures!) Will is no doubt making trouble.
1900 We are all in the lounge. Will's is dozing off as he has a drink, K, M and I are watching Shortland Street and Les is on the computer.
1930 Merenia is off to bed after jambing her fingers in the laundry door. Kieran is doing his night time stuff. Will goes down for the night. Les is doing odd jobs and playing on the PS2 in the spare room. I am listening to grand designs and looking at Mini Pom Pom trim on Etsy... I want I want I want. :-)
2030 I ring Sylvia to talk about schools, friends, Outrageous Fortune, scrapbooking and other stuff and have a quick chat with my Dad and my sister as well. Les comes back into the lounge and sits down at the computer. Ruby is curled up on the couch.
2130 Still looking at trim on Etsy and also at NZ schools.
2330 Les goes to bed and I follow a couple of minutes later.

Weather: Rainy and crap

Cool: The pro-activeness of the school with regards to Kieran's need for maths extension, although it's a pity I needed to intiate it in the first place. Kieran's photos from school hooray for great teachers!

Not Cool: The weather, my health.

On my mind: Education. Health.

Photos: 162

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lollies for the OF writers!

Long, long ago when Tama and Shannon lost their baby Te Ngakau on Shortland Street we delivered a BIG bag of lollies to the Shortland street writers for what we believed was the excellent handling of the baby loss storyline. They even revisited the story on the one year anniversay of baby Ngakau's death- way cool!

So after Outrageous Fortune last night we will again be buying some lollies for the OF writers. Despite the fact we knowm it's just a story and they are just characters Les and I poured tears this week and last week watching the show. It was an excellent portayal of a truly awful situation which in television is quite often glossed over or not ackowledged at all.

Yay Outrageous Fortune- you never fail to deliver an excellent programme. Hurray for Robyn and Kirk (and 'family') for their fantastic acting prowess.

Thank-you for helping 1000's of people who will never get what we as the parents of dead babies are going through to understand a little more how big, how hard and how intense it is to live this reality for the rest of our lives.


Week in the Life 2009 Day 2- Tuesday

5:00am approx. Will woke and spent the next 45 minutes asking for Booby, Mum and Dad in ever sadder voices. And I spent it telling him to lie down and go to sleep.
5:45am-ish Brought Will in with us for a drink and dozed. He didn't really doze but proceeded to cuddle up to Les as close as possible and do his usual which is like a slow form of a crocodiles death roll. Then he came to do the same with me.
6:30am Will tries to head out of bed and I give him another drink. He dozes off as do Les and I. The kids are just getting up.
7:00am I roll out from beside Will and get dressed and eat breakfast while reading mail and blogs. The kids are watching Scooby-do and Finlay and Fraser arrive.
7:20am Les is up and dressed. I take a photo of Will and wake him in the process.
7:30am Les leaves for work. I get Will dressed and give him rice bubbles for breakfast.
7:45am The kids start a game of Hide and Seek Will tips his bowl down his front. I clean up the mess and then put Will in his second set of clothes for the day.
8:18am time to go to school.
8:30am Picked up Elliot
8:45am dropped kids to school. Head to super market and pick up gifts and stuff for dinner. Dropped by the cheapy store to pick up a gift bag, got some plane stickers for Will and some Saddle Club Stickers for Merenia and then Starbucks for Nicole, Les and I. Dropped treats to school. Saw Les coming in for a meeting with the property guy. Put Frap in Les' car and headed home with a brief stop to look at Helicopters on the way past base.
10:00am Home, unload and put away groceries. Will had a yoghurt. Checked the mail- Merenia's horse books have finally arrived, the letter from the MOE about homeschool and the October issue of Healthy food guide are also there.
10:45am Then as he was super cranky Will had a boob and went to sleep. I watched Grey's and did some reading on the computer because I thought that Will needed the sleep. Les still at school doing property Commitee stuff and catching up with Gregg C.
12:30 Will wakes up. I make French Toast for lunch and Will hangs out on the dishwasher. Will sits and shares the toast.
1:00pm I stripped Will down and filled up the bathroom sink so that I could keep Will entertained while I cleaned the bathroom. When we were done I tried to fill up the bath but there was an issue with the water. Will and I got dressed again and called Les.
2:30pm We left to go see Les at work (there are some Iroquois up from Ohakea that Will wanted to see)
2:50pm we leave to get some petrol before school pickup.
3:00pm Merenia goes to Alyssa's, Kieran goes to Jakes. We drop Elliot home and stop at the Fruit and Vege store before we head home.
3:30pm Finally home Finlay goes on the computer while Fraser messes around. Will looks at books while I work on the Laptop and watch Greys.
4:15pm Will and I head outside to watch the Iroquois that were flying about and say hi to Cam ("Am") and Ali next door.
4:45pm we come back inside to get some dirt out of Wills eye and he has a bottle of milk. Finlay and Fraser go home.
4:55pm I catch Will dripping milk out of his bottle to give to Ruby.
5:00pm Catch Will on the kitchen table looking at stuff he shouldn't be. Tell him off and he cries. So I have time out.
5:10pm Les gets home from work. Les took over Will reponsibility they played together and Les changed his nappy. Les and I had a heated discussion about the school, the BOT and the direction that it is headed in. We had to agree to disagree, which is weird becuase we are on the same side.
6:00pm Les got Will dinner and I sorted out his smoothie for pudding.
6:20pm Les and Will left to pick up the kids from Jakes and St Johns. They caught up with the dogs at Jakes and saw the trophies that the kids got at the recent St Johns competition. Les drops the Dawsons home and then comes home. Meanwhile I have messed around enjoying the empty house and had a shower.
7:30 Dressed I get Will ready for bed and give him a drink while Les makes BLT's for dinner. Kieran is working on some school work and Merenia is looking at her new books and Saddle Club stickers.
8:00 Dinner is ready, I put Will to bed.
8:10 Merenia goes to bed. Kieran makes a hot chocolate for his desert. Les is on the computer and I am on the laptop doing this and writing a blog post.
9:30 We started watching Outrageous Fortune. The episode after the one where Wayne and Cheryl's son died.
10:30pm I went to bed, Les stayed up messing around on the net till 2am!

Weather: Wet and rainy morning cool but settled afternoon.

Cool: getting a cute little cupcake holder for free at the supermarket!

Not Cool: Headache. Early wake-up

On my mind; Education, Maths and high school. Relationship dynamics. Our school, the New Zealand Government and uprisings! Baby Loss.

Photos: 191

Miss Wendy's Cupcakes

Miss Wendy came over on Merenia's Birthday to pick up a bunch of baby stuff. She brought Cup Cakes....

Cute eh? Know the best way to eat Cup cakes?

With a fork of course!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week in the Life 2009 Day 1-Monday

As I said I have started this year's Week in the Life week. I have decided to follow basically the same format as last year and have even managed to score the exact same album on trade me for it this evening. I read through last years one tonight it was done in early November so there will be some differences because of that but also some major differences as we now have a 21 month old not a 10.5 month old! So each day I will add all my journaling here and I'll try and keep up with sorting my photos throughout the week as well so I can see what parts of our life I am not getting in. I'm also hoping to send a camera to school and work with Les and the kids. Will have to get onto that early as the end of the week will be a tiny bit lax as it is the last week of term.

1:00am Went to bed after uploading pics to HN website (they had a special finishing).
5:30am Will woke brought him in with us. (Apparently he didn't go back to sleep)
6:30am Les got up with Will- kids got up, breakfast, lunches and morning jobs Finlay and Fraser arrived
7:25am Les comes in with Will to get changed into Uniform and wake me up.
7:35am Les leaves for work. I'm up and having breakfast while reading emails and blogs.
7:50am Kids start game of hide and seek
8:15am We go to school and then back home via Starbucks and The Fruit and Vege Shop. Will pushes the little trolley.
9:05am Home again we put Buzzy Bee on and I try and do a few little jobs to no avail. We get out the Parachute and have rides up and down the house. The ducks show up so we go give them some bread. Will's throwing arm is not so good. Will does some drawing while I fill in my timetable for the week.
10:00am Morning tea Will has a biscuit, some sultanas and juice.
10:15am Will plays with Pasta and a whisk in a big bowl. While I clean-up the kitchen bench. W works out how to open the window and spends some time trying to hang out it so he can see the Mower and the flowers.
10:55am We do words, look at the animal cards and read stories.
11:30am Will is getting super cranky I try stalling techniques and we head for the mail box. Then I try and serve lunch but he's not interested. He has a boob and goes to sleep. I read Psychology Today and emails. Will wakes up as we go for the cot and then spends a good while crying before dropping off for an extremely short sleep.
11:45am I make lunch for me Cheese and onion on toast and then work on the computer. I have some emails to catch up on and sort out some photos for Les' mum.
2:00pm I finally get Will up and he has another drink and naps a little in my lap, while I do some reading online.
2:40pm We head to school stopping at the gull to get gas on the way.
3:00pm Elliot is home sick so we can go straight home.
3:20pm Home again. K has two bowls of Weet-bix, Finlay is on the computer in K's room, Fraser is on the computer in the lounge and Merenia is playing Hannah Montana World Tour on the PS2. I give Will a yoghurt and read the kids Numeracy reports. The plumber arrives for the 4th time in a week to finally fix the leak he created the 2nd time he came. He's in a grump and closes the door so Will and I can't watch.
4:20pm Will supervises while I prep for dinner and we wait for Les to come home.
4:50pm Les is home and gets changed, wrestles Will and then cooks the dinner.
5:30pm We eat Ham Pasta from HFG- it's not as yummy as the other one and the kids avoid the zucchini!
6:00pm Kieran is on the lounge computer supposedly doing home work and L and W are on the floor playing. Merenia is messing with some girl stuff beside me as I work on the lap top. The TV goes on for the sports news and we Watch Shorty after that. Les changes Will and takes him to do his teeth while I write a couple of blog posts and win an auction on Trade me.
7:00pm Will has his bedtime boob and goes to sleep.
7:20pm Merenia goes to bed to read.
7:30pm Will goes to bed and Merenia has lights out. K watches extreme home makeover while Les and I do stuff on the computers, including starting a new blog.
8:30pm K goes to bed. We continue doin' stuff on the computers.
9:10pm Les does his night time stuff and heads to bed. I work on the PC while watching pushing Daisies.
11:40ish Bed

Cool: The kitchen looking all shiny and clean. Playing parachute rides with Will. The kids Numeracy reports.

Not Cool: Will's general crankyness. Les had a crappy day at work because they have two Helicopters on phase so it's super busy. Merenia has sore eyes and Kieran sore heels- have made a Dr's appointment for him. Not doing the NZMAA website like I should have.

Other: Talked to the lady from the M.O.E who is sending out the information pack for Merenia's Certificate of Exemption.

On my mind; Kieley, Homeschool, Kieran's Heels, Headaches, The Board Of Trustees, Planning for the time the kids are away, making my 'daily december album', end of year birthdays and Christmas.

I looked at the notes from Ali Edwards regarding the Week in the Life project. Am reminded of the self analysis that happens as a result of this project... need to look at ways to make that stuff have an ongoing effect and work towards change in our lives. Will be interesting to look back at the end of this week and compare it with last years end of week appraisal.

Weather: A bit wet and cold- not good weather for outside play.

Photos Taken; 138

My Kind of Car

This car belongs to one of the parents at school. I have a thing for American Muscle Cars. I'd like to own a 1950's era Chev or Cadillac. But I would have a super hard time choosing... Bel Air, Impala, Coupe deville, Eldorado.....Hearse, Wagon... Convertible or not?

I wouldn't drive it much... but I'd look at it lots and I'd have fun taking photos of it....

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Secret is out

Fraser and I were talking this morning as I am starting our Week in the Life album for 2009. I was asking him if he remembered last years one. He asked if I write down every week. Which of course I do as part of my 365 project.

Later in the car we were discussing whether Kieran was human or not (as you do) and Fraser said I was an alien. At which point I said he'd discovered my secret. I am in fact an alien and my mission is to report back on all aspects of human life. I communicate with my home planet via the blogs.

I think he may have believed me.

Just a Visit

Will and I took a walk to kindy the other day to check out when we can get on their wait list. (Not till after Will turns two). We found out that the way they do Kindy is changing thanks to the governments lovely subsidy and working parents. I have to reserve my judgement on if that is a good thing or a bad thing for now because even the Kindy teachers don't understand how it is going to work.

That aside Will thinks he is so totally ready. He just took off and did his thing. His thing is of course the Ham-MA!

And like his sand/mess crazy brother and sister before him the Sandpit!!

So we're thinking about getting some timber and building him his own'pit' in the backyard! Bring on a sandy summer in the backyard.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helper Boy

Will is a fabulously good helper these days...

I hate to admit it but we chuck our recycling out the kitchen window.

And then the next day we go outside we put it all in the bin.

If the weather is less than stellar for a few days then it can pile up.

And Will works tirelessly to put it all in the recycling bin while I hang the washing on the line.

Which is great because it distracts him from the dirt and the water and other grossities that he inevitably finds when he is outside.

It is impressive how determined he is.