Saturday, June 17, 2017

Right Now

Right now I am:

~ looking at photos from the last few months.
~ loving looking back over cool adventures.
~ thankful for technology.
~ inspired by a gentleman I saw this morning.
~ savouring
homemade Ice Cream.
 ~ reading The Amazing Mrs Livesay.
~ enjoying Grey's Anatomy Series 12.
~ feeling tired.
~ counting things off my list.
~ making lists.
~ wishing I had have started sooner.
~ listening to Elbow.

~ relieved to be caught up on my 365.
~ seeing gum nuts all over the ground thanks to the Carnaby's Cocatoos.
~ thinking about stories.

~ anticipating the new season over Offspring.
~ going to stay at home all week and get stuff done I hope.
~ grateful for space and time.

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