Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Right now...

Right now I am:

~ looking at photos from the last three months.
~ loving myself a little bit more than this time last year.
~ thankful for some small successes.
~ inspired to write.
~ savouring bacon and eggs for breakfast.
~ reading three books at once!!! The Silver Moon, Better Than Before, The Atomic Weight of Love.
~ swooning over Caitlin Moran's writing.
~ enjoying MUSIC!!!

~ feeling loved and loving.
~ counting the jobs on my to do list... oh man!!
~ wondering if I really can.
~ making art of one kind and another.
~ wishing for a Tardis... I just want a peek.
~ hoping beyond hope.
~ glad of my friends.
~ listening Making Oprah, Note to Self, and Nerdette Podcasts.

~ relieved.
~ seeing changes.
~ dreaming, lots of dreaming!
~ thinking about new rules and ways of being.

~ anticipating, yes anticipating.
~ going nowhere but school pick-up today.
~ grateful for the love and encouragement of friends to chase after goals and dreams.
~in awe of Bryce Courtenay's body of work, especially since he didn't start writing till he was 53... hope for me yet!

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