Friday, January 13, 2017

Right Now

Right now I am:

~ looking at Tumblr... it's a time sink... but too frustrating to be as bad as pinterest.
~ loving my photographic body of work from the last quarter of 2016.
~ thankful for the guy who loaned me the camera, and his lasting faith in me.
~ inspired by myself... also terrified... but also inspired.
~ savouring not having to do school runs.
~ reading Eat, Pray, Love and changing my bias against best sellers.
~ enjoying scrapbooking again, finally.
~ feeling anxious and overwhemed... trepidation.
~ counting macros.
~ tasting bacon.
~ wondering, so much fricken wondering.
~ making websites and associated stuff.
~ wishing for the hardest parts to be done already.
~ hoping for a cash injection.
~ glad of my posse.
~ listening to Nerdette podcast... so much love.
~ seeing the sunset out my window.
~ dreaming of big plans.
~ thinking about stories.

~ anticipating hard work, my citizenship appointment on Monday, and a coffee with a friend. 
~ grateful for new friends, and old.

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