Monday, August 29, 2016

Poison Potion

Back in April the boys were playing outside when Tama was complaining about how gross the potion was that Will had insisted he drink. It wasn't until an hour later when Tama threw up in Will's bed, the top bunk of course, that I discovered the state of his hands. And then realised that the potion contained Frangipani sap... which is toxic!! Poisons line suggested we go to hospital and try and identify the plant specifically... yeah easy peasy- NOT! Will stayed home with Kieran, Les dropped Tama and I off to SJOG in Midland and went to try find a plant guru. Tama was sick again a few more times. They monitored his heart and took some blood and told us to expect to stay the night in emergency. Tama eventually got the apple juice he was hoping for around 11:30pm and went to sleep at 1am... it was a very short night as a grumpy doctor woke us up at 6am!! Tama had some breakfast and was eventually discharged. Les and a very relived Will (was worried he might kill his brother!) picked us up and we came home to a quiet day on the couch.
In the following weeks Will attempted multiple times to mildly poison himself by eating plants in the garden so he could get his own hospital stay. But he wasn't game enough to sample the Frangipani and so remained well.

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